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Hi All: I’m new and a beginning knitter. I’m going to try and post a question re an instruction that has me confused. Wish me luck.

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Hello forum. I am relatively new to knitting and was working on the Baby Sophisticate pattern for my new grandson, who I am isolated from. Anyway, when I was googling for the pattern again, I saw some helps posted on this site, so got to reading them. Happy to join in the forum.

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Welcome to KnittingHelp, new knitters and those picking up the needles again after an absence!
damdurango, imnrn1, Nancypac and Anitaknits, We’re happy you’ve joined us.

Hi! My name is Alex. I’m a mama to 3 littles with our newest due this July. I am a registered nurse. I knit a few scarves in college and am excited to expand my knowledge. I started a baby blanket for our newest little miss. With this quarantine and being stuck at home I thought it would be fun to knit.

Welcome to the forum!
Perfect reason to knit and a perfect time. Knitting is a wonderful way to relax (if you ever have time for that with 3 children) and a great stress reliever.
Your knitting looks lovely and even. Enjoy it and the forum. We’re happy you’re with us.

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Hey everyone! I’ve joined this forum because I’ve been spending more time knitting recently (no need to state the obvious) and while I’m learning I’m struggling with some things that I cant seem to find tutorials for on youtube. Hoping I’ll be able to find what I need from the forum!


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Welcome to KnittingHelp, Jenks784!
We’ll all be happy to try and help the techniques and any questions. Good to have you join us, especially now.

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Hi I am Betty and have been knitting for 60 + years I am looking for a pattern for a Lancaster bomber not a toy one that is knitted flat to go on a cushion cover hopefully you can help

I couldn’t find any pre-made charts but there are sites that will turn photos into charts. I haven’t tried any of these as I tend to free-hand draw onto graph paper but they do sound intriguing.



Hi I am Louise from Nanaimo B C. I have started knitting again and have questions I know you can answer. Thank you. My first one is. Inc one st at beg of every 4th row whilst at the same time inc 1 st at end of every foll alt row. HEIP

Welcome to KH!
I’m glad you’ve gone back to knitting and that you’ve found the forum.
Increase at the beginning of rows 4,8,12,16,20 etc. Increase at the end of rows 2,4,6,8,10 etc. Usually a pattern will tell you how many times to repeat the increases or how many sts you’ll end up with.

Thank you soooooo much.

Hi everyone just picked up knitting again after a few years the lockdown has helped made me a bit more creative or maybe it’s because I have more time on my hands but ima really enjoying it Karen


Welcome Kazd!
Knitting is wonderful to start or to pick up during the lockdown. I’m glad you’re working on some projects and that you’ve joined the forum.

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Hi, new to this site just wanted to say hello. I am sort of new to knitting, and looking forward to hopefully improving.


Hello everyone! Thanks for having me. I was on here years ago and am happy to be back.

Hello I’m a returned to knitting granny and I’m loving it but I need some advice. My daughter is very keen that I should knit a jumper for her little 9 month old daughter from an old Phildar pattern.
I used to love Phildar designs but you can’t easily get their wool now.
It was knitted in Phildar detente. My knitting shop sold me Sirdar 3 ply snuggly as a substitute, but I notice that Detente was a 4ply .
Do you think this is going to work? .Quinn

Welcome JackieP, LynnieMarie and Quinn! It’s good to have you with us on the forum. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

@Quinn Ply by itself can be unreliable. The yarn substitution depends on the gauge that you get with the new yarn. Can you match or come close to the pattern gauge? Do you like the knit fabric in your gauge swatch?