Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

I’m sorry about the problems accessing parts of KH. The entire site was down last week even the videos. Give it a little time and the patterns may well be restored too.

Hello everyone.
I just started to knit last week and I found this site while scrolled google search.
The videos are incredible for newbies like me.

Nice to meet you guys. I’m also new to the forum and enjoy the videos a lot.

Welcome topazann and josaflenya, new knitters or experienced! I hope the forum and the videos are helpful.

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@vrousseau there is also a Knitting Help app. if you haven’t found it already.

I tend to prefer Chrome on my Android phone but will use the app when Chrome or my phone has trouble. It is usually rare when the forum doesn’t load in one of those two and i then resort to the pc.

I do not remember any time that the web site failed to load. Forums tend to be higher maintenance for some reason.

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Hi, I appreciated your idea. I tried once and didnt make it with Continental. lol I did get an idea from someone and tried it and wanted to tell you what I tried. You probably already know this…changing project and needle size temporarily. So, I got off my blanket w/size 15 and started a shawl on size 8s. It really did help. I am going to start seriously try to go from English to Continental. Just gotta do it! Thx again for your help…:confetti_ball:

Hi, thank you for your help. I tried going off my blanket on size 15s and started a shawl on 8s. It has helped temporarily but I’m gonna have to switch to Continental. It outta be fun, I had a hard time learning English. Hey, another journey, I’m sure I’ll be back here screaming for the millionth time…I cant get it!! lol🎊

I found this site while looking for tips on a specific pattern. I learned to knit in Girl Scouts more than 50 years ago.

Welcome the KH! What a wonderful way to learn. I wish my Girl Scout or Brownie troop had taught knitting. I learned from a neighbor.

Good Morning my name is Deb. This is such a great website!!
Working on the Alex Pullover and have found quite a few hits on the questions I have.
Thanks to all the contributors both with questions and answers!! :blush:

Hi, I am new to this site and hope I can get help with knitting socks. I know how to knit but it’s been a while and I’m a bit rusty. I’m looking forward to perusing any answers I get.
Thanks for accepting me.

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Hi All: I’m new and a beginning knitter. I’m going to try and post a question re an instruction that has me confused. Wish me luck.

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Hello forum. I am relatively new to knitting and was working on the Baby Sophisticate pattern for my new grandson, who I am isolated from. Anyway, when I was googling for the pattern again, I saw some helps posted on this site, so got to reading them. Happy to join in the forum.

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Welcome to KnittingHelp, new knitters and those picking up the needles again after an absence!
damdurango, imnrn1, Nancypac and Anitaknits, We’re happy you’ve joined us.

Hi! My name is Alex. I’m a mama to 3 littles with our newest due this July. I am a registered nurse. I knit a few scarves in college and am excited to expand my knowledge. I started a baby blanket for our newest little miss. With this quarantine and being stuck at home I thought it would be fun to knit.

Welcome to the forum!
Perfect reason to knit and a perfect time. Knitting is a wonderful way to relax (if you ever have time for that with 3 children) and a great stress reliever.
Your knitting looks lovely and even. Enjoy it and the forum. We’re happy you’re with us.

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Hey everyone! I’ve joined this forum because I’ve been spending more time knitting recently (no need to state the obvious) and while I’m learning I’m struggling with some things that I cant seem to find tutorials for on youtube. Hoping I’ll be able to find what I need from the forum!


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Welcome to KnittingHelp, Jenks784!
We’ll all be happy to try and help the techniques and any questions. Good to have you join us, especially now.