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Hi my name is Margot and I joined yesterday and hope I will get used to this site. Before I joined I was on site and saw a way to cast on and knit a top down raglan. I could not find it today, HELP

Hello, I’m new here, and a relatively new knitter as well. Trying to knit my first sweater :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @Toodlebugs! Personally I never follow any ready pattern because I find it too stressful to read patterns, I just knit freely what I want. However I find this top down sweater calculator useful for a bit getting a rough idea of how many stitches to use for each section depending on the size of the receiver: http://www.knittingfool.com/SweaterPatterns/TopDownRaglanPullover.aspx.
This calculator also contains instructions that could be used.

Personally I think top down sweaters are easy enough to test as you knit, so I do not follow the calculated instructions but I improvise as I go and I do a bit of own calculations by using my gauge and good fitting sweaters. This calculator is not perfect. I do make a slightly bigger neck hole than the calculated one and also I like to shape the opening by using short rows to make the back higher.

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Welcome @Knitwitter! Please post picture of you sweater when it is ready.

I wasn’t looking for a pattern per say , but I was on your site looking and before I signed up there was a video showing stretchy 2 by 2 ribbing for a circular neckline. Now I cannot find it.

I’m viewing the forum in my Android phone and at the top is a magnifying glass icon for searching.
Here is a thread that I found listing several pattern resources and at least one raglan pattern.

My Internet search found this video that looks promising. https://youtu.be/Fhw_8-qpWEY

I have been looking for a sweater pattern. I like both top down and in the round patterns. Thank you for your question that sparked my searches. I hope to get started this week.

Good luck with yours.

Thank you. Will definitely post a picture once it’s done :blush:

Thank you

I’m Josaf Lenya, just join this forum and want say hi.

Welcome! We’re happy to have you join us.

Hello and thanks for providing a clean, well-lit space for your extended family of knitters and such. I’m Jeff, the Duke of Purl, and I like attempting to receive weird radio signals with my 40-foot antenna, archery, and knittery, albeit not wonderfully well done yet.

What’s happening to the site? I noticed the videos are on YouTube now, which is good, but I can’t go to the pattern section anymore.

I’m sorry about the problems accessing parts of KH. The entire site was down last week even the videos. Give it a little time and the patterns may well be restored too.

Hello everyone.
I just started to knit last week and I found this site while scrolled google search.
The videos are incredible for newbies like me.

Nice to meet you guys. I’m also new to the forum and enjoy the videos a lot.

Welcome topazann and josaflenya, new knitters or experienced! I hope the forum and the videos are helpful.

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@vrousseau there is also a Knitting Help app. if you haven’t found it already.

I tend to prefer Chrome on my Android phone but will use the app when Chrome or my phone has trouble. It is usually rare when the forum doesn’t load in one of those two and i then resort to the pc.

I do not remember any time that the web site failed to load. Forums tend to be higher maintenance for some reason.

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Hi, I appreciated your idea. I tried once and didnt make it with Continental. lol I did get an idea from someone and tried it and wanted to tell you what I tried. You probably already know this…changing project and needle size temporarily. So, I got off my blanket w/size 15 and started a shawl on size 8s. It really did help. I am going to start seriously try to go from English to Continental. Just gotta do it! Thx again for your help…:confetti_ball:

Hi, thank you for your help. I tried going off my blanket on size 15s and started a shawl on 8s. It has helped temporarily but I’m gonna have to switch to Continental. It outta be fun, I had a hard time learning English. Hey, another journey, I’m sure I’ll be back here screaming for the millionth time…I cant get it!! lol🎊