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Hi thank you for adding me to your site :+1:
Regards anita


Welcome one and all, Angie1306, Angie_Romanie, Flower12 and smallfry2755! Delighted to have you all in the forum.


thank you so much :+1: . Started knitting 40 yrs ago wasn’t that good lol , but packed it in due to carpal tunnel and a bit off artha in my hands :see_no_evil: put started again after all them years and enjoying it but still trying to remember things , so I might need people’s help lol


Hi my name is Bela and I am new to the site.


Welcome Bela! Thanks for joining us.


Hi there! I’m Steph Waring from Northern Ireland. I’ve been knitting on and off since I was a child and there are quite a lot of techniques I have still to master.
At the moment I’m knitting a jumper and I’ve got stuck on this: row 11 - k11, m1, *k8, drop the next stitch and unravel to previous m1 row, ( previous m1 row was row 1), k8, m1, RPG from * to last 11 sets, k11. Now, how on earth do I drop and unravel from r11 all the way down to r1? :thinking:
I’d be grateful for any help with this. Thank you!


Hi and welcome!
You want to drop the next stitch and let it ladder down to the m1 row. Just make sure you are over the correct column of sts, the one with the m1. That m1 will stop the ladder from continuing. It’s as if you’d make a mistake and dropped a stitch without noticing. Like this video but without the repair. (see) 2:00 min)

What is the name of your pattern?


Boa noite,me chamo Rosilda,tenho 42 anos,sou doBrasil,da cidade de maceio,amo croche ,bordado e outras artes


Hi, I’m Marion, started knitting again about two years ago with a friend, a nice lace sweater. Not the easiest and still unfinished because both front and back slipped of the needle with many dropped stitches. Eventually I’ll get around to fix it and finish the sweater, but currently other projects keep me busy :grin:


Welcome Rosilda and MarionK63!
Rosilda, we probably have a few Portuguese speakers on the forum but we generally post in English.
Marion, hope you get back to the lace sweater. It must be lovely and worth completing.


Hi there. I’m new to this site. I am a true left-handed knitter. I tried to switch to right handed or to Continental style, but they were too uncomfortable for me after so many years knitting in one style.


Hello to all,
I am new to the site, i hope I am posting in the right spot. I have been knitting for a few years, i have made bears, hats, jacket, mittens etc. I love to knit and I am happy Imfound this forum. Looks like there is a lot of helpful information and helpful people also. Thank you for allowing me in.


Welcome Rondane1153 and Kerriwg!
Great to have both of you in the group. I’m sure your knitting experience will be appreciated here.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Anita.
I just found this site through a google search.
I learnt to knit 15 years ago from a children’s book.
Glad to be here and thanks for having me.

Happy Saturday!


Thank you!


Welcome, glad to have you with us!


Hi! My name is Janine and I’m new here. I recently picked up a Brother KH-930. I’m looking forward to interacting here.


I’ve been a member for many years, but strayed away. I’m back now and hoping to be welcomed back. It was hard to remember the old password, but I finally got it.


Lightening57, welcome back! We’re so happy to have you here again. And wow, impressive that you remembered the same password.


Thanks. Just got to get back in the swing of things here and how they work.