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I’m new to this site.
I live in Manchester UK. I suffer from severe mental health problems and get very confused, anxious and panicky very easily, but I have loved knitting for a long time and find it very therapeutic too.
Thank you for allowing me to join your wonderful site


Hi, I’m not sure this will work since I am not IT savvy. Sheldon’s video explaining how to sign up was too quick for me and I have no idea if I gave my correct details since all I heard when I typed was a blip, blip but the curser had not moved. Then the screen moved faster than I could read it! Where do I go from here? Am I salvageable?


Welcome to the forum!
You’ve successfully signed up so, so far, so good. You can click on the K next to your name to see a summary of your account and then click on the headings within that summary.
If you want to ask a question, click the +New Topic button in the upper right of the home screen or within the various categories (General Knitting, How to, etc.). You can comment on an existing topic by clicking the Reply button below a post.
Glad to have you join us.


Thank You Mod Squad. Delighted my sign up was successful but I would be even happier if I knew how I did it! Not to worry I’ll practise what to do step by step and be back.


Hi! I am new to the forum and are looking forward to learn more knitting tips :blush:


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Hi, I’m new to this site. Not sure how to post!


Hi, I’m Tina and have recently taken up knitting so following instructions can be a challenge. I live in south Somerset in the UK.


I’m William, I live in Oakland, California. I work for the printing and packaging company as a marketing manager.


Welcome everyone, Christian, knitvana, amie, Suem, tina and william! Happy to have you join the forum and looking forward to your posts.


My name is Maggie. I am working on a Debbie Bliss pattern rosebud crossover baby sweater for my twin granddaughters Confusing direction k4M i.m not sure what that means Help please!


Welcome to KH!
We’ve had various questions about this cardigan. It’s not clear what the M stands for in the pattern. It’s not in the list of abbreviations and it doesn’t seem to be a marker. The 4 edge sts form a garter stitch band. I’d ignore the M and keep that band in garter as given in the pattern.

You could try messaging Debbie Bliss on Ravelry and see if there is help there.


Thanks so much. I found it very confusing. I’ll just do as you suggest and make it the garter stitch edge


Hi, I’m Anne from Canada.
I have a very old pattern for a man’s sweater from People’s Friend magazine from England.
The yarn/wool used is 3 ply… I could not find a suitable yarn in 3 ply, so I would like to use 4 ply… Should I go down one size in needles… i.e pattern suggests 4 mm - can I safely use 3 mm to get the same outcome? Thanks


Welcome to KH!
The best way to tell is to swatch with the yarn. You may or may not need a smaller needle depending on the yarn and how loosely or tightly you knit.


Thank you - I’ll try that…it’s the safest way, isn’t it?


Hi everyone! I’m new here, done a little bit of knitting so far but nothing too advanced. Hoping to learn more! :slight_smile:


Hello Knitting Help!!! My name is Tom, I’m new to the forum, but not new to knitting. I have been knitting for about 8 years and it is one of my loves. At home, on a train, driving… okay, maybe not while I’m driving. But most of the time that I’m not doing something else I’m knitting. And when I’m not knitting I’m getting my knits out into the world for others to find and enjoy. I started a project called Loved and Found (http://loved-and-found.org) where I offer inspiration to get others to commit random acts of kindness. I love forums like this, it makes feel at home.


Hi Benet here. I have a fair amount of experience but can still be bamboozled by a pattern!

My current problem is a unicorn pattern. The head calls for… 20 st. Next row says
(K1, inc1, inc1) to last 2 stitches, k2 (32st).
Anyone got any ideas how I do this?

So I have to increase 12 sts but how?? Any help or ideas gratefully received!


Thank you, I had a hard time getting back in not used to it yet.

I am doing a 2 x 2 ribbing and doing wrap-t. First, 2nd And 3rd row ok 4th row same as 3rd. Work on established stitch work wrapped st. P2 wrap -t.ok til I turn when yarn is put on the turn then yarn is I Purl position with 2 knits stitches. .??? What next. I am doing Purl soho pattern botanical yoke pullover. I would appreciate any help , almost think I will wear ya rn out undoing it so many times. Thank you in advance!,