Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Hi I’m not computer savvy so please let me know if this message was received and if so I have a feeling I’ll be using this sight quite often I have decided to get braves and knit a fisherman knit cardigan and I know I’ll need some help along the way thanks in advance

welcome to KH!
A fisherman knit sounds like a wonderful project. We’ll all be happy to help if you need it and we love to see photos of finished projects.

Hello! I am a beginning knitter and am hoping to get help when needed!

Hi, just joined what looks a really helpful group. I’ve knitted for years but only easy stuff so now trying to be more adventurous

Welcome Gparish and ladya! We’re happy to have you join the group. We have both beginners and long time knitters here.

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Hello introducing myself,
Megan I have knit for 15 years learned at the same time as my daughter, she was 5.
She has done lots over the years but time constraints have kept me from get as good as her.
I have a weird thing about reading patterns, fear holds me back.
Also recently I have had problems with me wrists.
But I still want to make things !

Welcome to the forum!
Good to have all your experience here. We’ll be happy to help with patterns which can be like learning another language at times.

Hi I’m new! My name is Caitlin I’m 26. I’ve been working on learning to knit for a little bit now. I’m a beginner. This forum seems like a great idea :bulb: especially since I think there are a lot of us who are trying to teach ourselves to knit without classes

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Hi all!

I realized that while I’ve been cruising and posting and here ocasionally I never did actually intro myself.

I’m a man in my mid-30s who lives in HI (which climate helps explain my fondness for knitting in cotton). I live on and manage a small diversified organic farm. I first learned to knit in first grade in a Waldorf School, where it’s standard in the curriculum. I didn’t do much with it until last winter, when i started cultivating my skills more seriously again. part of the inspiration for this came from the fact that my wife and were expecting our first baby, and baby knits make for so many quick and fun project possibilities. But I’ve also knit a few beanies and small things for myself and for others as gifts.

I switched from an “English” to a “continental” style of knitting, which was quite a curve, but somewhere in the process I got much faster as well. I tried portuguese style too, but eventually found continental just more comfortable and slightly faster for me. I now find i like to use what some have dubbed “continental combined” technique for purling. I find the knitting process therapeutic for anxiety sometimes but i also have always loved traditional handcrafts and designing and making things, and its a convenient hobby in that you can just pick it up and put it down whenever and it doesn’t require clean up or a special workshop space.

Little by little ive just been expanding my repertoire with different projects and learning new stuff. There’s so much to explore and learn!

I dont know many other knitters in person though, so its fun for me to cruise sites like this and check out what people are doing.

Thanks for having me around!:slight_smile:

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Newbie here… I have knitted in my past only 2 sweaters. The first one was about 22 years ago when we were camping in Canada and I was drawn to a yarn shop in the nearby town. I never had lessons but figured since I could crochet I could knit. That sweater took me about 6 months to complete and was huge. I ended up giving it to my then teenage son who wore it out. Now years later, I am once again into knitting. Who knew moving south would draw me into knitting again lol… I live in a lovely little coastal town in NC and there is a really cute needlework store within walking distance from me. So of course I got drawn up into knitting once again.

I knitted my first child’s sweater for my granddaughter about a month ago. It’s got some mistakes but I am looking forward to her coming next weekend to try it on. I think it might fit. She is 4. Now I am making another sweater for her brother who is only 7 months old. It is coming out huge. I have tried and tried to get my gauge correct. I have gone down 2 sizes on needles and ripped the front and back out twice already. It’s still too big but I’m continuing in hopes he might be able to wear it next year. I’ve read the gauge articles on this site but I think it’s too late for this sweater.

Looking forward to learning more from this site and getting advice from all the experts here.

Hi I am marilyn from nyc…was looking for an answer to question about negative ease on a knitted hat. Could not find an answer on the site. If the pattern says “the negative ease is about 2 inches,” does that mean it is incorporated in the directions or you should subtract 2 inches from the real body measurement. So if head measures 22 inches…follow directions for 22" hat and assume it is incorporated or follow directions for 20" hat?

The designer should really make this clear in the pattern by giving a schematic or specifying the dimensions for the body and the dimensions for the finished garment.
That said, for a hat, you can assume that the 22" hat has the 2 inches of negative ease already incorporated into the directions. You can always send a message to the designer to check.

I learnt to knit about 3 months ago, I’ve knitted a few scarfs, a waistcoat and v-neck jumper, now I’m trying socks (kind of stuck on them :frowning:)


Wow, Beeltejuice, the vest looks fabulous and so does the latest version of the sock. You are an adventurous knitter and that’s wonderful.

What a great forum. Hello all! I hope to have a great time here and help knitters.
Lots of love from the UK!

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Hello It’s 6:00 am and I reading some introduction, I am new to the site as well.
It was a friend who attended a Waldorf school who taught my daughter, then 5 to knit and that is when I learned.
Daughter went to a school that taught knitting but only until grade 4.
I love Waldorf education but do to location my younger two have had public school/ homeschooling combo and won’t knit.

Welcome Bitterknitter and Mykidcanknit! We’re always happy to have new knitters (and crocheters) join the forum.
It’s so good that knitting is taught in schools. That doesn’t seem to happen as frequently anymore in the US.

Hi! I am new to this site, but I have been knitting for many years. I am always looking for new ways of doing things and new patterns. Thank you for being here for so many