Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Welcome, Ana! So far, you are making yourself understood very well.
This page from Knitting Fool may help with some terms. We’ll be happy to try to help with others.

Welcome, Ana!

Google can translate basic text, but it is probably very confused with knitting terms. I’m sure you can get some help here.

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Hi! I’m Karol and I love knitting-obviously lol

I have been knitting for a year, mostly self taught, but I look forward to learning and making friends here!!

Thank you for being here, I can’t wait to explore more here!

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Returning after a long absence …

In this corner we have, @OffJumpsJack
in the other corner we have numerous, idle projects to be picked up and completed.


I’m back to fiber based stress therapy.

o/ a wave to all (or anyone that remembers me)

place looks different now. I may need a helpful reminder (a point in the general direction)

What have I been doing?

Wasting time on a game called Minecraft.
Building a new back yard Shed, then residing the old, tiny shed, then putting new doors on the tiny shed and a garden closet on the back of the house.
Using my chainsaw (It was new 1 year ago, but may now be worn out, dead). There were a few trees downed by hurricane Matthew in our neighborhood. I think my Poulan chain saw (3816) is just a “paper towel” model to be used up and tossed after a few years. :angry:
Daily life
Working from home with same employer of past 13 years (no more commute!)

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Welcome back, Jack! I do remember you! Don’t remember if Jack was your actual name or just your user name though. :wink: We got a new forum a few months ago as you’ve seen. It’s pretty easy to navigate.

Forums are now called categories
Latest is all the latest and new posts
New is only new posts
The three bars up on the right by your avatar is general navigation of everything
Clicking your avatar you can get to your profile by clicking your username and also see replies to you.

Nice to see you back!

Welcome back! Always a treat to hear from old friends. You have been busy.

Hi, I just registered here after having watched videos that were super helpful. I’ve started knitting again after way too many years. I used to be able to do intermediate level knitting and now I’m trying to be able to do some of the things I was able to do back then. I’m so glad I’ve gotten really excited about learning and doing :smile: I saw this post from MaryFran and thought it was something I might be able to give a possible answer. Hope it doesn’t seem “forward” jumping right in with an idea when I’m just getting back in to it myself.

With my casting on if the yarn has different textures it can look inconsistent just because of that, other times it’ll be because I’m not being consistent with my tension so I usually keep checking as I go along and either take off those stitches and redo or just tug a touch on a bit of that cast on stitch so that I can take up the slack. Looking forward to reading everyone’s questions and answers :smile:

Welcome to the forum and welcome back to knitting! Don’t be afraid to jump into a discussion. We’re happy to have different points of view and replies from old and new friends.

Thanks so much :smile :smile: I’m excited to keep going with my knitting especially with super nice people to share ideas, questions and answers!

I wasn’t sure if I accidentally did Unfollow when it popped to Wordpress. I hope not!

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Hi there! I’m Magdalena and I’m a newbie at knitting - so I guess I need a lot of help before I can help others (or maybe not, who knows!). I don’t know why I didn’t find this website before, it’s great! No more spending weeks trying to figure out patterns, from now on I will ask here and maybe my 4th attempt at knitting a simple sweater will turn out right.

I am so happy to be able to read all the questions and answers from other members as well! For a beginner like me, this is heaven, so much wisdom being shared!

Thanks in advance, looking forward to learning a lot!


Welcome, Mag! I started knitting in 2005 and it’s amazing what you learn from asking questions and reading here in KH! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!

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Thanks Jan_in_CA!! I am really liking this knitting thing, it’s become a bit of an obssession (but I doubt I am telling you something new…)


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Hi Ana I am also from Spain, so if I can help I’ll be glad to do so.

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