Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone. I am new to knitting after a hiatus of MANY years due to a bad experience with a project as a 4-H member. I love this site already and look forward to all of your help and experience.

[color="#300090"]:waving: KH is a great site. Welcome to the forum.

stacjer and elanger, There are several sections to this forum. The [B][U]How to Questions[/U][/B] section would be the best place to post your questions. A moderator may be by soon to copy your questions over there. I included a link (above) to the section so you can search for help there if you like.

Hey all,

Just picked up the pointy sticks again. It’s been over a year since I tried to learn to knit. I’ve been crocheting for many years (not a pro or anything, but…I can handle a hook). It seems very awkward to go from a single hook to two needles. Geez…must just be me…but it’s been tough to get the hang of it.

Amy’s videos are great! :cheering: They have helped me a lot and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’m going to knit myself a simple scarf for this winter as my first project.

I’ll keep you posted!:wink:


Welcome, Mike! Nice to have you here with us! :hug:

Keep us posted about your scarf! The WHATCHA KNITTING forum will be looking for your progress! I love scarves! They are kind of addicting! Now I want a different scarf for every coat! Oy! If you need any help…feel free to post your questions in our HOW TO forum! People are very responsive! You’ll get so much help you might be sorry you asked! Just kidding! :teehee:

Once you’ve got the two sticks comfortably mastered, you’ll never go back to one stick! [B]Happy Knitting! [/B]

Hi, I’m a SAHM of two, both boys, ages 3 & 1. I tried to teach my self to knit for a couple of years, but I didn’t learn much. I took a class earlier this year and I love it. I used to crochet as a child, so I am also re-aquainting my self with that , and I’m learning to sew as well. Since learning to knit I have made two prayer shawls, a baby blanket, a hat, and booties, and right now I’m working on another baby blanket, and finishing a purse. I want to learn to make a sweater, but I must admit to being intimidated by that. I look froward to getting to others with similar interests.:slight_smile:


so i’ve taken a couple of knitting classes at the local michaels store (about 4 years ago??) and have made a shawl, i dunno how many scarves, and some felted purses…all pretty simple. but i’ve been collecting all of these great knitting patterns. i’m easily intimidated maybe since i’m still just collecting these patterns.

my current project is a baby blanket (found the pattern on www.debbiemacomber.com) and after knitting the first 12 rows i’m sort of stuck. the instructions say to “place a marker” before the last 18 stitches for four consecutive rows, then the next four consecutive rows i’'m supposed to “slip the marker”. is this different terminology for doing the same thing? definitions i’ve found in books and online indicate that it is.

i love knitting and i really want to finish this project…:knitting:

Welcome to KnittingHelp! :slight_smile:

I posted an [U][B]answer to your question[/B][/U] over on the How to Questions section. Over there it will get more attention and comments than it would here.


Thanks for the warm welcome, Katie! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of scarf. Now…where did I put those needles?

BTW: i think i’m going to use 10 or 10.5 needles for worsted weight wool yarn. Does that sound right?


hi everyone im just new to this site-- 10 minutes new. and i already have learned how to make a great button hole. i didnt realize i knew so little about knitting. i have been knitting for years. i have a feeling this is going to be great fun. bonnie

Hi Bonnie!

I know exactly what you mean! I had been knitting for positively centuries…and didn’t realize how much I didn’t know either! Now, as I look back, I am embarrassed by some of my knitting! Especially the seams! Oy!

Anyway, we are so happy you are here with our Knitting Family! :grphug:

Keep us posted about what you’re knitting!

Hi, I’m new here! I’m an intermediate crocheter just learning to knit, too. I’m only knitting and purling at this point. :slight_smile:

I am working on the Five Rectangle Baby Sweater right now.

Glad this is here, I’m glassjules on ravelry, also.

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this web site. I’m an avid knitter but have come to a snag. Can’t for the life of me figure out a part on a Debbie Bliss pattern. Where do I post it and maybe someone out there can help me?

Hi and Welcome to KH everyone :woot:

Hi Mormor, you can post in the Pattern forumif you have a question about a certain pattern. Be sure to include the name of the pattern, link if there is one, or book it is found in…so they can search around for ya if need be :thumbsup:

I am returning to the great sport of knitting after many years of absence, and this site and forum looks just chock-full of great knowledge. The last time I picked up the knitting needles, there was no such thing as “The Internets”, so I’m thrilled to have some extra help in getting started again. I’ve never been the avid knitter, but just clackin’ the needles for a while is relaxing and fun!

Howdy all!! I just decided to take up knitting 2 weeks ago… thought it would be a great hobby since I don’t work for the month of August (the joys of being a dance teacher!). My grandfather had just started to knit before he passed away, and from what I understand we are VERY similar.

I’ve already figured out knit, purl, increase, decrease, elongated stitch, cast on and bind off… it feels great to know all of that after just two weeks! I currently have 3 scarves on needles and I’m completely obsessed :wink:

My ultimate goal (for now) is a cute sweater pattern I found on knitty.com. Men’s wool knit sweaters are so pricey that I’d much rather know that the $$ I put into it also came with my own creativity!

Sorry for the rambling, but thank you for such an amazing resource!

Thank you, Amy! I’ve been to this site SEVERAL times to view videos and I’m excited about joining this forum.

Thanks for making this possible!!


Hello I am new to knitting about a year! This website is fantastic!! But I need some help with intarsia knitting. Could someone please tell me if you read the pattern right to left or left to right or both this is very confusing to me. Thanks so much.

Welcome to the forum everyone! :hug:

Hi Mike, Yes, size 10 needles will work fine with worsted weight yarn. If you are a loose knitter, you might want to switch to size 8 or 9. Just try it out and see what looks best. Good luck!

Hello there!
It sounds like you are using a [B]chart[/B] for the intarsia portion.

Your chart will have rows of symbols for the section you’re working on. Just start on the [U]bottom[/U] row, and read the symbols from [U]right to left[/U]. Then, go [U]up[/U] to the [U]next[/U] row, and read the symbols [U]left to right[/U]. Keep going back and forth this way as you go up the chart. Soon, your knitting will match what you see on the chart, and it will get easier.

If your knitting is done with stockinette stitch, be sure the knit the rows on the right side, and purl the rows on the wrong side.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Hi everyone. My name is Mary Ann and I have been knitting since I was in junior high which is approximately 35 years. Wow, that’s…a long time I guess. Ha,ha. I’ll be sure to come when ever I need help or a knitting fix.:slight_smile:

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Hello guys :slight_smile: I am a newbie here…
I hope to share a lot with you and to know more things from all of you
I really want to wear knitted clothing …when i was a child my mom gave me three knitted hats of different colors and designs :heart:
Until now those knitted hats are still in my closet :smiley:

Because of my mom i was able to discover important things about knitting and i am really excited to share all of those things with you guys :cheering: