Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m a new knitter here - found out about the forum while browsing for knitting resources on the Internet. I’m new to ‘serious’ knitting, in that it was only recently that I bought a book on knitting and crochet and planned my first project (a hoodie - as soon as I can get into town to buy some more yarn!) I remember my grandmother teaching me how to knit when I was very young so I’ve always known how to do the stitches but I’ve spent the past couple of days using up all my stray bits of yearn refreshing my memory :slight_smile:

So… my name’s Sarah (most people call me Siz though, hence the name) I’m 19 and I live in England, dividing my time between Birmingham where I study French, Spanish and Japanese, and Kent where my parents live. Next year though, I’m off travelling as part of my course - I wonder if knitting’s a big thing in Japan? :oo: Besides knitting I play music - piano, flute, guitar, viola (and tinwhistle in a folk band!) and read… mostly in English, but not always :stuck_out_tongue: I also plan to have a go at crochet this summer, just because I love the results, so wish me luck with that… :lol:

Anyway, I look forward to talking to you :smiley:

Welcome to all of our new members.:hug:

hello everyone from New Zealand!!!

I only stumbled across this forum just now as I was searching for help on the project (well one of them!) on my needles at the moment - the cutey Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick pattern. I first started knitting when I coveted all the beautiful knitted woollen covers for the modern cloth nappies (that’s the cc part of my username - cloth convert) i use on my then only child but could not justify the price for them so in desperation learnt how to knit - that was back in 2004. Love the craft, but just can’t seem to find enough time to do all the many things I’d like to do. I was for a long time a one knitting project going kinda gal, but currently, I have 4 projects I am working on!

Looking forward to hanging out here :slight_smile:

Hi, all! What a wonderful site! Too bad I didn’t find it before. Anyway, thanks to the videos and posts I’m becoming more confident in my knitting and want to try new projects. So far, I’ve knitted I don’t know how many scarves…many, many. So I’m counting on your help. :hug:

Hi Siz! What a coincidence. Your first paragraph is very much what has happened to me. I’m sure we’ll benefit tremendously from this site and also make great friends. Te deseo mucha suerte y exitos en tus clases de idiomas, especialmente espaniol que es mi idioma. Soy de Guatemala, Centro America y ven a visitarnos tambien. Un abrazo!

Hi my name is Cathy i just came across this site looking for the meaning of MB & CO in knitting i come from Australia so its very hard when i find a knitting pattern i like and i don’t know what the meaning is could any one tell me the meaning please

Hi, everyone. I’ve only been knitting for a couple of months now.

So far I’ve completed three scarves (of a very large knit on plastic needles) and two hats (on a loom). Those quick projects help motivate me in picking up those skills.

I’ve been improving on my form, adding new skills and working out those typical beginner mistakes by making practice panels with worsted weight yarn on smaller needles. (My purl stitch is not so enchanting right now.)

I was working with a Susan Bates “Learn to Knit” kit and trying to gain some insight with YouTube videos, when this site was recommended to this site by a friend. The site is so helpful and absolutely beautiful and cleanly designed from tip to toe. :muah: Thank you so much.

Oh, two more things: I’m a left-handed knitter and I have yarn addiction. :drool:

Welcome to our Forum :hug: There are lots of Aussies here. Maybe some of them will wander by and introduce themselves.

Our glossary is tabbed right above us. MB is defined as make bobble. Could it be M1B which is make one behind?. I’m going to copy your post to the Pattern Central forum. To get there press the forum tab and select Pattern Central. I’m going to title your post “Meaning of MB and CO”

Good Luck

Welcome to all of our new members:hug:

I am browsing ebay looking for yarn bargains this afternoon and find this forum accidentally!! Although I am generally not a forum person but I like this one so much so I can’t wait to register! :smiley:

I learned how to knit when I was in the secondary school but only picked up knitting again last October. now it’s non-stopping knitting for me. :slight_smile:

I am so glad to find this forum as I find it harder and harder to live with out knitting needles…:rollseyes:.

I am very much like to write a regular knitting blog but it proves I am too lazy for that but I am putting my knitting photos on my flickr:

please feel free to add your comment there, too!


Welcome Ambling:hug:

As a knitter just past “beginner”, this site was recommended by a good friend who is a very advanced knitter. She was right, this is a very helpful site. I am currently working on a beautiful pattern that calls for the “carrying yarn” technique and I am so stuck. Any insights would be appreciated. Pattern states “drop white and pick up pink”.

Hello, everyone!

My name is Todd. I came across this site in an effort to find an answer to a knitting question (I’ll pose that question later, but I thought I should introduce myself first). I’m looking forward to being a part of this knitting community (virtual as it is).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lace pattern going that is consuming all of my spare time.

There are some nice videos on knitting with two colors here

If that doesn’t help come back to our How to forum. Welcome to the Forum:hug:

My name is Gail M. Marton. I’m in southern Connecticut in the Fairfield County area. I’ve been knitting for a long, long time, having been taught the Continental method by one of my grandmothers. My focus is on charity knitting, and I was very impressed with the links already posted to this website. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come together for a common purpose.

Welcome Gail. :hug: I live in Eastern CT.

Welcome Todd. This month’s knitting challenge is knitting lace.

Hi Everyone;
I haven’t knitted since I was about 8 at school, but decided to try knitting something and got the bug bad!! I’ve been lurking around for free patterns (made the toddler poncho) and the instructional videos (I had forgotten how to purl and thats why I never knitted anything for ages)…

About me? I’m in New Zealand, got the link here from The Nappy Network as my 16 month old is in cloth nappies and that started off at whole 'nother addiction. The bonus of being a SAHM is that I have time to hide all my projects before my DH gets home and realises how much time and money is ferreted away for crafts.


Hello. I am Dana from Eugene Oregon. I am a knitter and have been busy this summer knitting for Kaps for Kids. My big problem is that by the time I finish a hat I am so emotionally involved I hate to give the hat away. That is bad as it means I have about 40 hats in my wardrobe.

Welcome to both of you.:hug: I’ve never heard of the nappy network.:shrug: