Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Welcome Denise. There is a forum here called Knitters Knear you. You could look for or start a thread for LI knitters.:hug:

But I’ve watched my mom knit & crochet for years. I’ve always wanted to learn but I didn’t believe that I had it in me. A good friend of my mine encouraged me to visit your website and try to teach myself. So, here I am! Please be patient with me, I’m sure to ask a lot of silly questions…if I don’t poke my eye out with the needles first:)


Welcome and I’m glad ya made it. :thumbsup:

i’ve been wanting to start knitting again. right after my mommy’s birthday, i kinda stopped but i really wanna get back into it.

i hope that through joining a forum, i would be able to spark my interest once more =] i’m glad to know that there’s a knit a long…but i haven’t really checked it out so i’m not sure if the instructions are listed or not under the thread =T

anyways! i hope to stay and become an active member and possibly even complete several projects =]

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Magenta”]I just found out about this site from a knitting instructor at my local yarn shop. It seems like a neat place! I’ve been knitting and crocheting for years and I am obssessed with it! Glad to be among others who feel the same:lol:[/COLOR][/FONT]

I’ve been knitting for a long time, but this is the first forum I’ve joined. I need help with a project. I’m trying to knit a giant fair isle mitten to be used as a Christmas stocking. I can’t seem to get the proportions right. Anyone have a pattern like this or any advice on how to go about it?

Wow this is a really cool site! I can’t wait to get started improving all my knitting skils!!:cheering:

Hi everyone, my name is Helen I have recently revived my interest in knitting and crocheting because of a knee injury. I am so glad I learned how to do this years ago when it seemed so easy otherwise my old brain cells would have had a rough time.
I have been surfing around finding new patterns and practicing and found your forum and just love it. there is so much to read and learn here.
Thanks for having me

Hi, Welcome the Forum. I’m going to copy your question to the How to Questions Forum. Have a look there for some answers to your question. I’ll title it Proportion Problem with Christmas Stocking.

Welcome to the Forum:hug: Most times there is a link to the pattern in the first post for the knit a long if its a free pattern. If its not a free pattern there is usually information there that will tell you how to get it. There are also free patterns here in their own separate section. So hop right in. There are plenty of people here to help you.

Welcome to Everyone who just joined us or has come back.:hug:

I have recently just started knitting after years of wanting to. I finally decided to when I saw a charity knitting group that make dolls for children in Africa and my goal is to learn to make some.

I started by taking a knitting class in a craft studio. It has been the best thing I have done, but not good for my wallet as I have become obssessed! I have completed a scarf, a hat and am working on my first pair of socks and purse. I am looking forward to the learning process!

This site was reccomended by my instructor and I know it will become my salvation for the many questions I have. Please do not tire of me!

Welcome to a gathering of the obsessed.:happydancing:

I hope you’re not expecting anyone here to help you save your wallet!! We’re all obsessed! My wallet left home months ago with its clothes in a hobo bag over its shoulder, vowing never to return. My credit card followed shortly thereafter. Fortunately there is still Paypal!!!

Great site. I wish I had seen it years ago. I have passed it on to many new knitters.

Welcome! I look forward to seeing your posts, and it’s great that you tell knitters about this place!

Hi! I’m Beth. I’ve been “self teaching” myself to knit for months now and LOVE THIS SITE!! Amy YOU ROCK!!

Like the subject line says, I’m a new knitter…and anything beyond casting off, knitting(Garter Stitch) and casting off confuses me!!! ( Just how do you guys do all that???) In fact it was the knitting video for the knit\ garter stitch that made it A LOT easier to see, and understand HOW to go about it!!!- If only Purling were that simple…(Attempting THAT is enough to make my head spin!!)

Anyway, my name is Genita,but, almost everyone calls me Nita…( I answer to either or…and have absolutely no preference in terms of which one…LOL…I’ve always answered to both!!) I’m 39 years old, taking care of my elderly father- who just had his 82nd birthday the other day…As well as two four legged fur babies…a half Australian Shepherd, Molly Christine…and a spoiled rotten Tuxedo kitty boy, Roscoe Nathaniel…( Dad named both of 'em…while I agreed on Molly’s name, I certainly didn’t agree with naming Roscoe , Roscoe…MY choice was Nathaniel,btw…) But, for the record, Molly is far MORE spoiled than Roscoe, is, though…

Quite honestly, I’m more comfortable and adept with crocheting…(Have been into that since August 1997, give or take…- and Cross Stitch even longer…basically nineteen years of that…) However, I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit… anything and everything…kitchen things for my birth mom and uncle…clothes for two of my little second cousins…( A 7 year old, and an infant who will be a year old July 20th…). maybe even a shawl for my Aunt that’s in a nursing home…I’m even itching to try my hand at some of the vintage knitting patterns I’ve found on various sites…( Yes, I admit it, I’m a major sucker for anything vintage, or adaptations based off of vintage patterns…- I just can’t stomach the idea of loosing antique patterns like that…have no clue why, but, hey…)

I’ve got SO many varied interests that it’s over whelming to describe…Pretty much ranging between history, reading,cooking, needlework, signature tagging, ect…( Oh yeah…can’t forget spoiling Molly and Roscoe…)


Welcome to everyone :hug:

A friend referred me to this site and so far I found it easy to use and very informative. I have been crocheting for 15 or so years. I have always wanted to learn how to knit. Hopefully this site will help me achieve this goal.:happydancing: