Welcome Moderators!

:balloons: [color=red][size=6]Welcome Moderators! [/size][/color] :balloons:

Introducing, our new KnittingHelp moderators!


Beldie [color=red]YES, Beldie’s said yes!!! Welcome to Beldie on page 4!![/color]

:cheering: Thank you wonderful ladies for agreeing to help out with KnittingHelp! I’m so excited to have your help!!!
…Please tell us about yourselves! [/size][/color]
I almost forgot to put that in this thread, thanks Silver! :wink:

BTW, if you’re looking for the “moderator” title to appear under their names on posts, it will do so soon. They’ve all got moderator access as of this morning, just not assignments yet.

Hello hello! And thank you Amy for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

I thought maybe this would be a good place to say a little bit about ourselves…

My name is Kristin and I’m 32. I’ve been married to my highschool sweetheart, Pierre for 13 years, and we have two kids. Our son Taylor is 13, and our daughter Sydney is turning 11 this month.

About 5 years ago, I was browsing Wal-Mart’s craft department, because I’ve always been a crafty thing. :wink: I saw the “I Taught Myself Knitting” kit and thought, what the hey. That night, I spent four hours straight trying to coordinate my hands and not poke myself in the eye. Since then, not a day has gone by when I didn’t have something on needles. I’ve completed some 60+ projects, and currently have 3 on needles. I am completely self taught, using only books and the internet as my teachers. I meet up with the local chapter of the Knitting Guild of America here in town on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

In addition to knitting, I spin a little (working on spinning more), and crochet when necessary. I also hand make bath and body products including soap (using lye and oils), lotions, creams, and perfumes. “Professionally”, I’m a freelance graphic artist and website designer, but mostly I’m a stay at home mom. :slight_smile:

Out of all the crafts I’ve tried, knitting is the one I love most. I often say that my two greatest fears are #1 losing a member of my family, and #2 losing the ability to knit. And not necessarially in that order.
(Kidding) :wink:

This is me:

Yes, that’s a tattoo. One of four. :wink:

Thanks so much, Amy…Im SO glad to be able to give some back to you after you and KH have been so completely indisposable to me!!

I wrote a song for you…

Did you ever know that you’re my HEEEEEE-RO?
Your videos got me through some hurts!
Now I am not a knitting ZEEEE-RO…
You are the YARN around my CIRCS!! :inlove:

And, OMG, Silver, you’re GORGEOUS!!!

I learned to knit (in January, 2005) with the same kit, plus a DVD entitled The Art of Knitting. That only got me started. KH has been a MUCH better resource!

[color=orange]uuuuh…do we have the opportunity to protest any of the moderators? i mean really…after that display…do you reeeeeeeeeeally want Kelly moderating this bunch?..lol[/color]

Thank you Kelly. We had just gotten back from a quickie vacation in Daytona Beach. That’s the sun making me purty. I’m usually pretty pale. lol






[color=indigo]ekgheiy busts down the doors[/color]

HOWDY THERE PAHT’NERS? Um - okay - a little about me … um …
hm … well … surely there’s sometime I could say … OH YEAH … I’m a knitter! Duh :doh: teehee I started knitting because I wanted a new hobby and knitting randomly popped into my cerebral cavity. So I went to AC Moore and took one look at all the doo-dahs and gadgets and yarns on top of yarns! I was like … WHOA! Where do I start? :help: I saw a lady steadily filling her hands and thought, “Maybe she can help me?” I asked; she helped! :cheering: She put the expensive book that I was about to waste my money back on the shelf and handed a simpler (and WAY cheaper) one to me. I actually learned to crochet from this book too. Knitting wasn’t so easy to understand with those stupid, lifeless pictures. So I asked a co-worker if she knew how to knit. SHE DID!!! She demonstrated knit and purl. Then I learned everything else from books and internet. YEEE-HAAW!

Other than knitting, I adore movies. I like sci-fi, horror, action, drama and … um … some ‘chick-flicks’ (did I say that out loud ?? :eyebrow: ). I like the tele-tube too, but there aren’t many shows that keep me entertained. Of the few, there’s THE SHIELD ([color=red]My absolute favorite tv show! [/color]Why must I wait TWO BLOODY WEEKS for the next episode? I hate when they do that!), WWE Wras’lin :mrgreen:, The Wire, and I few other that I watch, but don’t necessarily “follow”.

I also spend a good amount of time at the gym, Monday - Friday at various times ranging from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm. I still have 20 more pounds to lose, but they aren’t going anywhere. :cry: Maybe that will change soon :?? It all started January 2004 when I was 25 pounds heavier than I am now. When I started, some mere mortals hinted that they thought this was a “phase”. BUT HERE I AM ONE YEAR LATER! HA! Take that, the mere doubtful mortals they are! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
thanks to each and every one of you!!'
thanks, ya’ll for :heart: ing :XX: so much that you’ve taken these jobs!!
ya’ll are my heros… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
jobs well done (well, we assume…lol :roflhard: ) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
[color=red][size=7]THANK YOU!![/size][/color]

Thanks for sharing a picture, Silver! (I agree with Kelly, you’re a knockout! ;)) By the way, I checked out your graphics design work. WOW!! (I’ll be emailing you soon!)

KellyK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my special song! I especially love the “You are the yarn around my circs” part. :roflhard: amy wipes the tears from her eyes (mostly tears of laughter, but also mushy gushy tears too. :heart:)

Ekgheiy, :lol: you’re too much! Love how you broke the door down. :mrgreen:


Thanks for introducing yourselves!!! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get to know yall better…

sigh amy you are just encouraging her to do it again! :wink:

Brenda…please dont hate me because Im musical! :shifty:

:happydance: okay but if you are gettin’ musical i am dancin’! and their ain’t nobody who wants ta see that happen!! :roflhard:

Me: [color=darkred]Hi. My name is Egeria. And I’m a knitaholic. [/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]HI EGERIA!!! [/color]

Me: [color=darkred]I first started knitting in 1997. I didn’t know how addictive it was. Really, the girl who cast on for me…she made it look so easy. I…I took up the needles then and there.[/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]Awwwww.[/color]

Me: [color=darkred]I knit for a while after that. But my tension was all off and a sweater I made for my dad turned out too big. Couldn’t even shrink it big. My mom used it as a rag. :crying: [/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]Awwwwww.[/color]

Me: [color=darkred]I stopped knitting for a while after that. I just…couldn’t bring myself to do it again. Until…until last summer. 2004. I went to the local craft store to buy a cross stitch kit…and I saw this cardigan. It was just so beautiful. It was calling my name. I had to go back to knitting. [/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]WE UNDERSTAND EGERIA.[/color]

Me: [color=darkred]I bought the supplies I needed for the cardigan…and I just couldn’t stop buying supplies. Yarn, needles…sniffing I even bought…I…I can’t say it…[/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]YOU CAN DO IT EGERIA![/color]

Me:[color=darkred] I bought whispering [size=2]Stitch 'n Bitch[/size][/color]

Everyone: [color=darkblue]IT’S OK EGERIA![/color]

Me: [color=darkred]I’m so glad to have found this place where I can talk about knitting and not get laughed at. Where people understand what I mean by dropped stitches, lifelines and frogging. I just…I just love it here so much! breaks down in tears of joy[/color]


KellyK stands up applauding WILDLY with tears running down her cheeks

Thank you sniff sniff Gotta tissue??

[color=indigo]ekgheiy hands massive amounts of tear sponges to Egeria[/color]

(A la Dory … )There there … it’s okay … it’ll be alright …

[size=7]([/size]:XY: :XX: :x: [size=7])[/size]

You guys are all a RIOT! I first started coming here to help me learn to knit. Now, I also come here for that daily release of endorphins from the laughter. :roflhard:

Oh, and I think Amy picked a fantastic group of Mod’s! :thumbsup:

AWWWWW! Thanks, Renna!
:blush: [color=red]MUAH![/color]

Okay! Yay I’m excited! :cheering:

Here’s a bit about me. I’ve been knitting for a year and a half… I am what you’d call an ADHD knitter… i have like 10000000000 projects going at once (okay, 4 or 5, or maybe 6, but you get the idea). I like small things, because I don’t have the attention span to knit something bigger. I am a yarn snob. :oops:
I teach middle school general music (Here is my class website, which I just updated). I love being a teacher, and I really have the best job in the world! I’m graduating on Saturday with my master’s in education, and I’m starting an EdD program in July. Somehow I found time to knit during graduate school; hopefully I can keep it up.
I grew up on the east coast, in Baltimore (hi EKG!) , but now I live in corntown, Illinois. I’ve turned into a real country girl… gardening, canning, knitting, crafty-ing, etc. I have 2 cats… I :heart: them… I love birkenstocks. . And I *love love love :heart: to knit, and I love love love LOVE :heart: :inlove: :heart: KH!!!
Here’s me. I tried not to look dumb, or like I was posing, but that’s how it turned out anyway :rollseyes:!