Welcome DaniK!

She’s MY SISTER!! :heart:
C’mon Dani… tell your “how I started knitting” story before I do. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t her name be Gold?

I did! Read my introducing myself thingy… :lol:


Hi Kelly and Nuno! :waving:

Kelly, you had me laughing so hard I was crying the other night! Angels will sing! :roflhard:

Dont take the name of Silvers Holy Potholder in vain!!! :fingerwag:

Hi Dani–welcome. I don’t see why you need us except for the KellyK show! :smiley: You certainly have all the knitting help you need with Silver!

HI Dani! Nice to have you here!

That’s it. I’m gonna have to knit a gold and silver gossamer pot holder with angels and a halo, and something that automatically plays music when warm.


Okay, let’s see it. Aren’t you done yet?

What type of yarn would you use for that? :lol:

Dammit. :expressionless:

Hi Hilde and Ingrid!

Silver is a wealth of information, and quite an inspiration, but I’m sure she’d get tired of me if I called her as much as I check this site.

Hi Dani!! I can’t wait to drool over…um no wait, see, yeah that’s it, all of your beautiful creations!! I get so inspired when I show up here…

Eh… either Rowan Kidsilk Haze or Douceur et Soie. Although it would be a shame to use such a lovely yarn for a potholder.

But then, a “gossamer” potholder wouldn’t be very functional anyway, now would it?

Welcome, Dani… sorry I didn’t post sooner. :waving:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Now there’s a couple words you don’t see together everyday…gossamer and potholder! Knowing the vastness of the links and ideas of this awesome site, I’d bet there’s a pattern already out there. Possibly a site called “Gossamer Potholder’s .com” “We have patterns for all your nonfunctional household items!” LOLOL :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: