There has been a lot of talk about combination knitting, and knitting styles lately… I checked out Amy’s movies to see what exactly it was that I do.
Well, it’s combination all right, but I mean a combination of a lot of different styles. :teehee: I’m not English, nor quite Conti… And Combination is still pretty different from how I knit.

Oh well. LOL It ends up exactly the same as any other knitting style. :smiley:

Combination refers to a method of combining eastern and western knitting styles. The purl is wrapped the `wrong’ way which normally twists sts, but knitting into the back leg on the knit side untwists them so it looks like it was knit in the regular way.

It’s always fun to knit in front of somebody really rigid and fussy and hear them yelling that you CAN’T knit like that and it’ll turn out all weird and, uh, why is it working?:thumbsup:

actually I had a good chuckle one day when i complimented a woman on her knitting technique
it was the most unusual combination of knitting, she even moved her yarn from one hand to the other (actually the finger from her L hand sometimes hooked the yarn
I told her I loved how she knit, and she got flustered for a min and explained this was the only way she could get her tension even
I told her I liked it, and she told me she was so used to explaining, she thought I was going to correct her again
I just explained i reveled in differences, I hope to see her when my kids start skiing on the weekends

Actaully, no one I have really ever met has known to knit. The only people I know who knit know my style. Actaully, very few people around me even knit. I taught my sister. She’s about it. LOL
Even KIPing as much as I do, I’ve never had anyone critique it. LOL :smiley: