Weird Thing Happening With My Circular Stockinette...?

So this is weird…I started knitting in the round on circular needles and on the first 3 or so rows, the pearl bumps are on the outside. Then all of a sudden, the stockinette “V’s” are one the outside. They just switched and I can’t for the life of me see where it actually happen or figure out what I did. I don’t really care cuz it winds up making a neat little edge on what I’m knitting…but it’s just boggling my mind.

Anybody know what I might have done without noticing it?

You might have turned the hat inside out on the circular needle. I did that yesterday unfortunately I had to frog it. :frog:


Yup, that can happen when it’s just a few rows on the needles. It can flip up through so you start knitting upside down. If it happens again, just push it back through.

is it possible for that to happen if you accidentally start going back the other direction too?

It’s all in how you hold the needles, too…you may find this article interesting :wink:

cool, thanks!


Yes, you’re right. It can also happen if you start going back in the opposite direction, and while the work was set down it turned itself inside out.

Sometimes your knitting just wants to play a joke on you, you know :shock:

Happy Knitting ( no matter whether it’s inside out, upside down or backwards!) :XX: :XX: