Weird stripes in stockinette?

Hi all,

This is my very first post here. I"m a relatively new knitter attempting a sweater (I’ve made hats and scarves, but a girl can only have so many… and my family/friends are getting tired of them). I started knitting up my gauge swatch and I noticed that I have these weird stripes forming when I switch between knit and purl. I think I knit one looser than the other! How can I fix it and will it settle in eventually? I’d hate to have my entire sweater have a horizontal stripe effect. I’ll take a few pictures later and post them if you think it’ll help you figure it out…


Dorothy in Omaha

Yes, please post pictures. I’m not sure what you mean exactly.

Some people do knit and purl at different enough tensions to create lines. You can try purling with a different sized needle and see if that makes a difference (or knitting with it if that will help).

It’s called `rowing out’ I think, where there’s a noticeable difference between the knit and purl sts. It usually doesn’t happen when knitting in the round; for knitting flat, usually using different needle sizes helps even it out. It probably won’t be as noticeable after washing or drying.

Yup, using a slightly smaller needle helped a lot. It’s still there a little, but it’ll hopefully even out after I block it. I’m using wool, so no drying here!

Thanks ladies!

I meant washing or blocking, sorry. Good, glad that helped you out.