Weird Stocking Stitch

Okay, I just learned how to knit about two months ago now, and am coming along great. I finished one project [a scarf with duplicate stitch cupcake], and am working on my second [the “dark mark illusion scarf”].
Well, I also got a new cell phone, and have a habit of dropping them…[hence…needed a new phone]. So, I thought I’d quick knit up a little simple cozy for it. I started to, but the same thing happened with the stocking stitch that happened with the cupcake scarf. When I knit, the “V”'s are even, but when I purl, the “V”'s are sort of slanted–well, one half of the “V” is more in front of the other half, so it looks weird.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!

[I tried to attach the photo].

you’re twisting your stitches somewhere. My guess is that you’re not wrapping the yarn around your needles in the same direction for both the K and P stitches, as in clockwise for K and counterclockwise for P. K and P should both be wrapped in the same direction.

Amy has two videos here at KH.

One shows a video of the PURL STITCH
and the other shows a video of the KNIT STITCH.

If you manually wrap your yarn around the needle (aka “throw your yarn”)…you will watch the videos for ENGLISH METHOD, the BLUE camera.

If you “pick” your yarn, watch the PINK cameras for Continental Method.

Watch them carefully and you may discover an answer to your question.

Hmm…I’ll have to check out the videos again.
I knit continentally. I’ll have to see if I’m wrapping the yarn around the same way in both knit and purl.
Thanks to you both!

I didn’t watch the videos again yet, but I did try knitting/purling, and you were right–I was wrapping the purl yarn in the opposite direction of the knit. But I tried it the other direction on the purl, and it’s still doing the same thing…

:think: One other possibility, maybe you are knitting or purling into the back of the stitches? Working into the back or st will twist it.
More videos to see.
compare the ‘k’ with 'k tbl’
and ‘p’ to ‘p tbl’

Amber I did the same thing as you … I couldn’t figure out why people hated to purl because I could purl like a bat of … you know. So not to bore you, when I finally discovered that I was twisting I was surprised, angry and determined to fix the twist problem. I also knit continentally and I do not knit into the backs of my knits or purls. My twist happened on my purls and I was told I could keep doing that way if I changed my knit stitches by knitting in to the back of them - but I didn’t want to do that. If you can’t see what you are doing or not doing by watching a video, find someone to show you. I’ll try to explain how I purl without twisting in two different approaches.

  1. Holding my yarn in my LEFT hand I insert the right hand needle into the front of the stitch and take my my yarn between my thumb and index and wrap up and over the needle.
  2. Holding my left hand needle with my thumb running horizontally against the bottom of the needle and the yarn flipped over the top of my index finger and the yarn wrapped once or twice around my pinkie I insert the right hand needle into the knit stitch as if to purl, using my index finger to wrap the yarn over and around the needle using the tip of index finger to push the yarn back down and through the loop …