Weird stitches-can't tell what I've done wrong?

Back again! I’m almost embarrassed to ask this one. My stitches are coming out so wonky that I don’t know what I’m doing to cause it.
Just finished a dishcloth with sugar n cream cotton yarn that I knit from corner to corner and had no issues. The one I am doing now is with the same yarn but just 40 stitches cast on, but when I start knitting my rows…they turn out like loose, stretched, and loopy. I dont know how how to explain it.

What in the heck?! This is a small sample. I did the whole 40 stitches, unraveled, re casted, knit and same outcome.

Probably user error but I truly don’t know what I am doing to cause that.

Can you put up a photo of the needle sideways rather than up and down? The look really twisted but not sure how!

Absolutely, yeah! It’s like when I go to knit the stitch, it doesn’t pull closed like a normal stitch, even if I pull the working yarn to try to do so.

I wonder if you are working in to the cast on loops at the bottom, rather than the loops you cast on at the top if you see what I mean? What cast on are you using? I’ll take a couple of photos for you :slight_smile:

What cast on are you doing?

Ladies I know this an old thread that I never got around to, but I have some better pictures that might make the situation more clear. I am still facing this issues and have never figured it out. I always use long tail cast on. Sometimes it gets better as i go on or at least looks…intentional, and other times not so much. The 1st two pics are of different rags each with lily sugar n cream. The grey one is another brand of cotton. Let me know if ypu have any ideas or suggestions! Thank you so much!

See if this video helps with evening out the cast on. I’d recommend doing each cast on stitch very slowly to make sure each one is the same.

I’m not sure it it’s part of the cast on or in the first row but some of your sts are twisted. Are you knitting into the back of the loop or possibly wrapping the yarn clockwise around the needle?

What cast on are you doing?