Weird Row

My drawstring bag … yet another question …

Knit one row
Eyelet round: yo, K2tog, repeat from
Knit five rounds

On the eyelet round I had a B**** of a time getting those stitches knit they were so tight … then when I did get them off the needle, there was a loose stitch hanging out so I fooled with it and pulled it back tighter …

However, when I went to K my first of 5 rounds, the one stitch was just kind of “hanging there”, it wasn’t around the needle like the second one was … I did however still have 100 st on the needle!!! :blooby: I assume that is what it’s like after you do that eyelet round?


The YO’s from the previous round will seem really loose and not really like normal stitches at all on the next round. Knit them as you normally would though, don’t let any of them fall off the needle by accident, as long as you keep the right stitch count you’re probably doing fine!

Yes, that’s just what they looked like, really loose and like they didn’t belong or were done wrong … first time I’ve ever done anything besides knit and purl so I wasn’t sure what to expect …

If you knit a few more rounds you will see it come together. As long as your stitch count remains the same, you are on the right track. Good luck!