Weird mail surprise

so i am participating in our summer swap. and today i recieved a big box in the mail. i got very excited (uhhh i was expecting some yummy yarn!) but instead this is what i had … good and nice and i have no clue who sent it. jerky anyone?

Hmmm…was there a return address on it?:??

yes… well. sort of. there are two address on it, it looks like it was mailed from vancouver wa, or possibly coos bay oregon. either way, i don’t know who sent it. lol i just kept moving the jerky around, sure that there had to be yarn in there somewhere :rofl:

That’s weird

Makes you wonder who and why they sent you a box of jerky? But I do love jerky, yum!


No singing monkey either?


:rofl: no monkey no note just jerky

Sounds like somebody is “jerking” you around…:rofling:

Ok that was bad… :rofling::roflhard:

[I]looking at the people who replied to this post from WA and OR with suspicion[/I]

I don’t know but the next swap I am involved in, I am stealing that idea! :teehee:

It wasn’t me. :roflhard:

Even though I am only 50 miles from Coos Bay!:shrug:

:think:hmmmmm … [SIZE=1]i’d say mor[/SIZE][SIZE=1]e but i have a mouth full of jerky:biting:[/SIZE]


I hope you like beef jerky! :roflhard:

i do. lol good thing i have lot’s of people to share it with!

that is a SERIOUS pile o Jerky!! what a hysterical idea!

You do realize that the next person on here that mails you something is going to cover the yarn with jerky…

Maybe you should open all your packages from the bottom from now on… :teehee:



have you figured it out yet?
do you really think it’s from your yarn partner?