Weird Forum Problem

[color=indigo][b]Does anybody else use the “Mark all topics read” thing? Here’s my habit. i come in here. I read the threads that i want to read right now. then i mark all topics read and go on to the next forum and do the same thing. Generally it is a quick and easy way for me to tell if there are new posts when i cruise back. However sometimes, and a lot more in the last few days, i have found that after i have clicked on it (and i KNOW i did so it isn’t just me forgetting this time…lol) it will show that they are all read but when i come back an hour later it will show new posts. The only thing is that they are all posts i have read up to 2-3 hours ago. I am not sure if this is just something funky my computer is doing or if someone else has seen this problem too. I can’t recall if it happens at home too but definitely happens when i am at work. :??

Just wonderin’ cuz i get all excited to see that there is new stuff only to find it be the same stuff i already read…reruns suck! ;)[/b][/color]

I’m seeing that and sometimes if I leave a forum, leaving behind some posts I have not read yet but want to, it shows them all read when I return.

Whenever you Log Out, all posts are marked as read. I’m guessing that’s the way the forum program works.

As far as already read posts being labeled “Unread”… :thinking: are you using your brower’s back button?? Doing that will make read posts appear unread. Just click your reload button.

If you’re not using “back” button, I’m stumped :??

no i never log out, i just hit the “mark all read” link and then go down to the how to forum or whatever and do the same thing.

Now here is another thought too. I almost never go to the blog forum or the swap and sell and once or twice a day i come in and they are all marked as read too. and i KNOW i didn’t go hit the button in there cuz i think i have been to those two forums at best 5 times since i have been a member here.

it’s not a big deal just a weird funky thing that i had been wondering about and was curious if anybody else was experiencing it too.

ooh and yeah, i know what you mean about the back button but no it is more about after i have left the site and come back to see what new is going on…not when moving between pages on the site.

I never log out. I am talking about still being logged in and moving from one forum to the next and then back to the other forum. So now I have to read anything in one forum before leaving it, otherwise, if I get sidetracked and come back to it, it all shows as read.

If someone posts a new reply to the thread, it will be flagged as unread again. Could that be it?

Otherwise, I’ve no idea.

Hey Norman, any ideas? (I’ll PM him to draw his attention to this thread, he knows this forum software well.)

yeah well see that would be ideal (at least for my funky issue…not Aby’s) cuz that means that there is actually a new post. The problem is that when it acts weird it is because it has taken posts i have already marked read, that nobody has added to, and marked them as unread again.

For example yesterday before i left my f/t job i checked the boards and marked everything read. when i got to my p/t job about an hour or so later i checked again and it said there were new posts. Woo hoo i am excited cuz i have more to read. except when i got in i saw that it had marked anything that had been posted in the previous two hours as unread. of course i had already read all those posts.

like i said, it isn’t a huge deal, just a weird little quirk that i have been wondering about. I have tried to think if i have done anything different to make that happen but i can’t think of anything. and when i noticed that the ones from yesterday were from at least two hours before i was pretty sure it wasn’t how i was doing it.

aaaaaaaaaand really i just wanted to see how many times i could type the word “read” in one post! :wink:

Well of the top of my head… i’ve not heard of this h appening… :doh: However I do have a copy of this software sitting on my hard drive…

Amy, can you PM with your version number :slight_smile: That way I know I have the most current version… i’m sure I can track down what it’s doing… I’m assuming it’s a cookie issue at this point… but I’ve got to look at the base code… :slight_smile:

well as i was typing this it has dawned on me that it isn’t just happening at this job cuz as i noted above it happened at the p/t job too.

normally the read/unread stuff seems to attach to my name not my computer.

:heart: Thanks Dave!!!

We’re using phpBB 2.0.10

whoa… do you know how many security holes are in that one… :slight_smile:

The base software is up to I think 17… I know… cause I just had to update 3 boards… I’ll try to find a copy of 10 and take a look.


I know this has solved and moved on… but Breanda mine does that too. Sometimes I will come in and read a post and I will still show as unread. And I can’t get it to show as read either. Sometimes I will come in and all the posts in all seprate fourms will shows as read… all phpBB boards to that to me though. Not just this one.

Yes I believe it’s a fundamental flaw… but I should be able to determine that tonight hopefully tomorrow

Yeah, it’s really important to update phpbb. We neglected one for a SINGLE week and it was hacked by some guy called Relampago, using a common known exploit of 2.0.11.

HI–what’s “update phpbb”,Aby? Something I need to do at home"" I have just gotten on a Broadband instead of dial-up, and I love it but I worry about being hacked!!! :crying:

no this is something server administrators do… phpBB is the forum software here. :slight_smile: Unless you runt his outta your home computer you wouldn’ tneed to wrry about it :slight_smile:

Ellen if you don’t have a firewall though you will definitely want to get one. Since you are always online the chances of getting hacked are very good with broadband. Just get you a good firewall and keep it updated and you should be good!

Okay after a glance at the 16 version of the code (cause that’s what I had sitting here) I took a look at this function. This function is somewhat unstable and will be on all phpBB installations…

The way it works… when you click that link, it goes through and gets the LAST post made (the time) as the latest time.

Then it tries to DELETE cookies that already exist on your system (if they are’t there it will just ignore it), then it tries to RESET these cookies.

The reason it’s so unstable for the most part is that alot of people are disabling cookies or have a higher restriction for cookies now days… the way it looks it would be just as easy to create a db footprint for the server to fix this… I should write a mod that would fix that heh but yes you will see this as unstable because it depends ont he cookies that are feed to and extracted from the browser but those aren’t always dependable…

In the case of Abby, she might have most cookies turned off… in my case… I don’t care about cookies, so I keep 'em open…

Some people may have them totally turned off… and they will see other problems such as… when you come back after closing the browser you would have to login again and such…

I wont’ go into the ethics or the arguments for or against cookies but alot of developers are hesitant to develop solutions to replace cookies… :slight_smile: More work for them ya know… and us programmers are lazy…

Amy contact me if you want to discuss a mod to fix this or you need help upgrading your php… cause I know of at least 3 ways to get into a v10 phpBB system… Being hacked on one of my installations I learned quick to look for the holes… :slight_smile:


hmmm what did he say??? LOL I’m not having trouble with mine that i know of… :figureditout: mmm cookies wonder if we have any?? Think I have some dunken’ cookies!!! :smiley:

that’s just Dave talkin’ dirty to us again. from what i can tell, there’s nuthin’ i can do about whatever is making stuff appear unread. sigh woe is me…such trials and tribulations to have to click AGAIN…sheeeesh…hee hee