Weird family - UPDATE!

You won’t believe it!!! (Breath, breath, breath…)
So here’s the story: My grandma (my mother’s mother) had 3 sisters. 2 died of cancer, 1 left. The 1 left is the weirdest person in the whole world (we all think her husband drove her to lunacy:shock:). She would never ever tell anyone anything. My grandma didn’t know about her wedding till she was on vacation and got invited (of course she couldn’t come - she was to far away). This lady told of her pregnancies only when she couldn’t hide it anymore. Anyway, her youngest son is about 33 years old and is actually my mom’s cousin (with 20 years of difference). He has a girlfriend and they live together for 8-10 years now. On our wedding she made a very strange remark about them not getting married (we’re “known in public” - term in Judaism to refer to not married couples) with kind of desperate look. A few minutes ago my grandma calls my mother and says the next thing: “My sister told me that your cousin and his GF had a baby girl 3 days ago”. When my mom told me, i was speechless. OK, you’re weird, but that weird??? Not telling anyone that you’re expecting DGD?? :shrug::shrug::shrug: How superstitious can people get??? I’m shocked :shock: Now i have a second degree new cousin!!! I have a feeling our wedding was the trigger and i won’t be too surprised to find out they loped to get married :rofling::rofling::rofling: Do i have to knit something now? I rarely see them and i don’t think they’ll invite us to see the baby… I made my mother promise that when i get to having a baby - even my grandma won’t know for as long as i can :roflhard: Sorry, i had to vent and i can’t even tell hubby - he works night shifts this week :wall:

I wouldn’t knit. If they are that superstitious maybe a nice chamsa or something with a scarlet thread?:wink:

Thanks, Jeremy.
They’re not superstitious in that way :rofl: They kind of… hermits? It’s their mom mostly, she’s the :zombie:

i’m so :hot:… And it’s gonna get worse this weekend.

I wouldn’t knit either. Evidently they didn’t want anyone to know since you didn’t find out until afterwards. A “congratulations” card might be okay though.

My family are big gossips, so info like someone expecting wouldn’t be a secret for more than an hour.

I think you should knit something. Maybe it will bring the family closer together. It would not be that hard to knit up a hat and baby booties.

And maybe if you knit something for the new baby, it will show an acceptance, and then maybe they will invite you to see your new cousin. Maybe open some new doors for communication?:shrug: I don’t know… my family is so close… we tell each other when we break a nail. Not really.:lol:

I’m with the “don’t knit” group. You might choose the wrong colour, the wrong yarn, knitting itself may be ‘wrong’. Maybe buy a pair of bootees and see the reaction to that first.

You know…I think that it does not matter whether or not they like it. The fact that you have done something from the heart with loving intentions…that’s what counts. We can’t control what other people think or say. We can only control our actions and thoughts. Yes, it’s no fun to not have good will acknowledged or reciprocated, which could very well happen, but again it’s about doing what you feel in your heart, not what they do afterward. It sounds like since you had this idea you should follow through on it.

Well, today i tried to call the happy father and mother and NOBODY :shock: would answer the phone. When my mother asked the lucky new grandmother why, she said “they’re not answering the phones, they’re busy”. I’m not knitting anything and i don’t want to hear from this part of the family ever again :wall: Everyone are carrying cell phones these days, almost to the delivery room! I hope they enjoy their baby, but i’m too shocked to care. I’ll let them be and pretend i don’t have any cousins.
I’m sorry i’m so upset, it’s just we’re really small family and the relationship is horrible. So i’ll stick to my closest family and that’s it!

weeeeird… We didn’t answer the phone when baby was first born: but our outgoing message was updated every day (for 3-4 days) with what was new, and we had literally called EVERYONE we knew about it. some folks are just strange, and nothing you do will change it.

KnittingNat: So sorry to hear that… And can understand why you would feel the way you do. Stay strong.

aw, freaky hermits need love too.
sorry they’re being weird to you.
hope the mom’s not sick or something.

No, they’re all ok. Just weird, i guess.

There is a book I recomend for understanding different personalities. It is called Please understand me.

There are some personalities more rare than others. If we understand them and love them the way they are they are wonderfull part of our life.
I would make something for the Baby:hug:

knitting Nat… I have some family kind-oh like what you have… I am going with the NOT knit a thing for them. They won’t understand the work (or love) you put it. you would be wasting your time. It will not make you feel better.

A strange thing happens when we do something for someone else…we tend to stop thinking about ourselves and find ourselves in a better position to forgive…

You never know what small token of kindness will touch that family and open up the lines of communication.


auburnchick, thank you for the kind words:muah:, but i tried, i really tried to be nice. This uncle is about 8 years older than me and we tried to ask them to go out with us or have a BBQ - NOTHING. I think they won’t appreciate my efforts. I left a congrats message on his cell phone, he never returned my call… I guess some people don’t want to be family, so i’ll stop trying for now. I have my parents, my husband, my sister and my grandparents to care for, not to mention the pets:heart:.

their behavior is truly odd. standoffish even.

Families are odd everywhere, in every culture. I recommend that you keep in mind that their behavior isn’t about you, rather it’s about them. Don’t take it personally.

Thanks everybody :muah: I do keep telling myself “It’s them, it’s not me” :lol:.