Weird directions

I am knitting a sweater and am done with the body. The next part is the side slits. The sweater is knitted with round needles. The beginning of the round is where I connected the sweater in the center of the front.

When I create the front bottom section that has the side slits the directions say to k to within three stitches of the markers (where the side slits are going to be) p3 remove marker. (So the way I figure it that has created 1 row on half of the front.) When I am supposed to knit back to the other marker it has created 2 rows on one half of the front and one row on the other half. I know this sounds so confusing but after doing about 6 rows it is evident that one side of the front slit section is longer than the other.

What should I do to fix this. I am going to rip what I have done so far and start at the beginning again.

I hope I have not totally confused anyone out there!


If the pattern told you to do so, it should not be visible, because the difference of one row should not be that kind of obvious.

Is your gauge really small, aka your yarn big? If not I wouldn’t rip it out, but knit a few more rows and see if you can still see the difference.

Did you check if later on in the pattern the one side gets an extra row? If it’s still uneven when you finish that section, why not just add one?

I just reread your post, and I think you should have started at the side for the slits, not the center of the sweater.