Weighted blankets

I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the use of weighted blankets in infants?
I have joked since my son was born that he would probably sleep great with one and now at 5months old I have decided I am going to make one and see if it helps him sleep at night. He is constantly in motion and the more mobile he gets the worse his sleep is getting. He wakes himself up with every little twitch. He has been in bed for 90min and I have already put him back to sleep twice.

How are weighted blankets made? I never heard of them before. A quick search indicates they’re used with autistic children and children and adults who have sensory processing problems. I find this very interesting because I prefer heavy covers on my bed, I sleep better and if I don’t have heavy blankets on my legs they often hurt. Anyhow, I don’t really know anything about them.

ETA: Has he ever slept well? I think my GS was about 5 before my daughter got anywhere near a full night’s sleep and he has Asperger’s. I hope you aren’t dealing with something like that.

Sounds normal to me. I’ve never heard of weighted blankets and I’d be afraid they’d wiggle under it. Honestly it doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. :shrug:

Reading again, I saw that he’s 5 mos. Somehow I thought before it said 5[I] yrs[/I]. Yeah, Jan’s right, that’s not so unusual.

your are correct, weighted blankets are used to increase prioceptive feedback in people with sensory processing disorders. My son used to sleep great when I could swaddle him or side-lay him in a wedge. Now that he is so mobile he wakes 3-4times night and on his own in the crib will only nap 30-45min. If I keep him in an Ergo carrier or within arms length of me, with my hand on him, he sleeps for hours. A weighted sleep blanket should never exceed 10% of body weight so his would only be btwn 1.5-2lbs. The weight would be spread over a 12" x 16" square. My thought was to figure a way to attach it to his sleepsac so that he cannot wiggle under it, yet still be comfy if he is on his back or rolls to his side.

Interesting! I didn’t know this.

I wouldn’t use a weighted blanket for a baby so young since it might smother him. In fact, I used to put my son to bed in a bunting made in fleece, and used no blanket at all. He only started to sleep several hours together when he was about 5 months old. The fact that he later was diagnosed with autism is purely coincidental. When my younger son, who is typically developing, was a baby, I couldn’t check on him because he would wake right up when I opened the door. These are the joys of motherhood.

I’ve never heard of a weighted blanket either; however, I know someone who needs one . . . . . my husband. That man wiggles and tosses and turns and throws covers around more than anyone else I know. He’s so bad that I’ve threatened to install snaps on the mattress and blankets and just snap him in!

What are sensory processing disorders? Okay, off to look it up.