Weighted blanket


He is 13. He has Aspergers and lots of sensory issues. We have found that weighted items really help with calming.


Took care of a teenager with Asperger’s whose mom made a blanket with pockets for weights. When it needed washing, she just unvelcroed the pockets, took out the weights and washed it like any other blanket. It was a ‘quilt’ not knitted, but the boy really loved it. I had him for a long weekend while his parents took respite, it was definitley a learning experience for me.

Oh, the ‘weights’ were some kind of flexible, heavy weight plastic disc.


Wow , I was surprised to see that you have a weighted blanket filled with stones. UGH!! I read were you mentioned poly pellets melting but you didn’t mention what would happen to the fabric if in a fire, especially a cotton/poly mix, it would melt before it reached the stones, wouldn’t it?? I think any blanket would burn in a fire , wouldn’t you agree?? Even fire retardant fabrics melt.

It wouldn’t really matter what was inside as it would already have burned.

Our autisic child has used a weighted blanket from DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets for the past four years. It has been wonderful and we will soon be ordering a new one from them for the other child. I like the pellets instead of stones as I don’t like the idea of stones being porous and retaining water inside the blanket causing mold. YUCK. The blanket we have is a 20LB full and not at all thick. Hard to imagine not washing a blanket for 5 months, we have washed ours every week since we received it last November and have had no problems at all with the machine.

If any one wants the web site to DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets I will email it to you. My email is kd7tuf@qwestoffice.net.
Hope it the post helps and gives another point of view.


I feel like you’d get the best balance of weight and softness if you found a way to knit it but also use weighted pellets. I wonder if you could try something like these DIY weighted blanket instructions but just use something really lightweight like muslin as an insert to hold the pellets and then knit a cover for it?


I recently purchase one twin size weighted blanket made from cotton. As many friends recommended me to use for having a better sleep.