Weight Watchers

I signed up for Weight Watchers Online today. I’ve done this before and it worked and over the last year and a half I’ve gained back way too much. The first 6 mos I had an acceptable reason (was in hospital with a scary heart thing), but for the last year I mostly just ignored what I saw coming. :doh: So I’m telling everyone to help me keep on track. Anyone else on it?

Hey Jan, I heard the advertisement on tv that it was free. I have a very close friend whose been on it for a couple of years now and looks so good. I talked myself out of it because I’m afraid of dissapointing myself once again. Lost 50 pounds 2 years ago, gained it back, arghhhhh. I’m so proud of you for taking that step. I’ll think some more about it and perhaps this time I’ll succeed. Meanwhile I’ll keep you in my prayers for strength and success!!!:cheering:

Thank you, Bonbon! It’s only the sign up is free if you join for 3 mos. It’s $18 a mos, but totally worth it IMO! I lost 25 lbs several years ago then quit and lost another 15 on my own. I may do that again, but I need the kick start. Then again I may stay with it. I’m liking the new Points Plus program. :thumbsup:

I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and it was great for me. They didn’t have the online program then, I went to meetings and tracked my points, and it worked wonders for me.

I’ve thought of trying the Points Plus one as well. I think it would just the kick I need to get things in gear.

I wonder if the free membership applies to Canada? I’ll check and will let anyone else who is wondering know!

Good for you! :yay: Yes, I have been a member of WW Online for a year. Dropped 20 lbs and have kept it off. It’s a great program as long as you stick to it.:heart:
You can track on your iPhone or Android. And the key is to track everything so you are holding yourself accountable.:think:
Portion sizes were part of my downfall - I weigh the food when I am cooking so I know what the portion size should be. Then I can make an informed decision about eating it.:figureditout:

It’s only been two days, but I’m quite happy with the new Points Plus program. Making fruits and veggies (within reason) 0 points was brilliant on their part. It gets us eating more of them by choosing them as snacks and eating more at meals. :thumbsup: I also haven’t been hungry and have been staying within my points easily.

I’m on WW. I pay with auto-deduct on a cc, so I get free E-Tools as well. The local meetings are cheaper if you pay with auto deduct. Also, there is a Senior Citizen discount for over 65-ers. Also, some insurance companies give you the monthly WW fee for real cheap. My daugther’s girlfriend’s health insurance gives her WW for dirt cheap.

I love the Points Plus program! The points value of all foods is computed differently than in previous years. The new programs evaluates carbs, fats, fiber and protein. NOT CALORIES, which can be deceptive!

Also, all fruits and veggies are “O” points! (except things like corn and peas of course)

Wow! To eat a banana…and not worry about 2pts down the drain!

Another thing…WW used to have a LOW of 18 points per day. You wouldn’t get less than 18 points, but UGH…when you get down to 130 or so…those 18 points a day are STARVATION.

The new program allows 26 points a day as the LOWEST you can go. You will never go below 26 points!

Plus, each week you get 49 Weekly “extra” points. Eat 'em up…or don’t eat 'em up. You will lose weight either way.

So this Points Plus program is the easiest and healtiest program they’ve ever had.

If you own any of the old “Points Calculators”…throw them out.
If you own ANYTHING from 2010 or earlier, throw it all out.
All of the foods and points are calculated on old information…outdated information.

If you own an Android phone, or an i-phone…WW has an app that figures out the point value of anything. There is also a “Food Scanner”…at the grocery store, you let your phone ‘scan’ the barcode of the product, and VOILA…you will the get points value of said product!

WW ScanCalc
WW Mobile
WW PointsPlus

I have all three apps downloaded into my phone. Very handy. I keep track of my daily points in my phone these days. No more pencil and paper dragging all over the place.

Nice to know there’s several of us here to support each other and get ideas! :yay:

I have an iPhone and have the WW mobile app and the WW scanner app. The scanner is cool because you can scan whatever at home or store and find out the points! :thumbsup:

The last time I was on WW I got 20 pts and it was hard especially at first. :zombie: Now I get 26 plus the weekly allotment. That’s great for the occasional splurge or whatever. And having the free fruit and veggies is awesome. Tonight for a snack I’m having my 1/2 carton of lactose free Yoplait and blueberries…2 pts! Woo! BTW…I’m only having 1/2 the container because the lactose free, while low fat, is still 170 calories. Bah.

I looked up the data for Yoplait Lactose Free yogurt, then entered the data into my Points Plus calculator.

100 g serving has 14 carbs, 3 fat, 0 fiber, 3 protein.

The 100 g serving is 3 pts.

We don’t compute calories anymore.

A 100 g serving is generous, isn’t it? I don’t know the gram weight of your entire container.

Well, 3 pts isn’t bad at all. I calculated 5 from here for the vanilla. It’s 170 gms I think… (6 oz.)

Oh wait… I see you must have been calculating from the small one in the 4 pack. Except your carbs and fat are different from those, too. Huh. Unless I’m reading something wrong…

Anyway, glad you said something! I’d rather just have the whole thing than have to weigh it. :hug:

Oh Jan, this is never easy but it’s so worthwhile. You’ll feel better and be much healthier (as you know from past experience). Anytime you need encouragement, come back here or pick up your knitting needles. It’s hard to eat and knit at the same time.