Weight loss

i was told by by doc tat i had to loosez 11lb as it was effecting my health (long story, its rubbish you know the way docs are about weight) but i thought i would do it for my sake (and being nagged to hell by the family).

i do about 2 hours of excersise daily eat what i thin is healthily, have my 5 fruit and veg a day easily, dont have large meals dont tend to snack etc.

im odd i actually dont like most junk foods lol.

not sure what i can try nex, my gp just tells me to do more excersise, i dont have time to so more i have a life and a 5 year old (not in that order lol).

any ideas what i can try next as its annoying me now he’s said it lol

Weight Watchers might help. I’m a pretty active person and eat really good but I wasn’t losing weight either, I started weight watchers more to help my mom but I ended up losing 10lbs too. The points system really helps because I never realized that despite the fact that I was eating healthy, I was eating more than I should have been for my size. It really does help!

i hadnt thought about that. i will look into them now. i dont think im really over weight, but would be great to have the flat stomach back again (pre son, isnt it always the kids fault hehe).

i’ll google them now.

tahink you :yay:

I’m sorry I didnt mean to imply that you were! I get really excited about ww haha because it really helps everyone. :slight_smile:

There’s so much out there, it’s hard to find “the one” that works. NutriSystem was “it” for me. But, forgetting about which program, after ?? many years of “dieting” a few of the things from the NS program stuck that still help me with those last 5 pounds that I keep losing and gaining back. WATER and SALAD. When I notice that those 5 lbs are “ON”, I realized that I had not had more than 2 or 3 bottles of water and/or I hadn’t had any salad for a few days. When I add those two things back to my daily intake (at least 8 glasses of water and one salad a day) and made sure I had some protein each day…those 5 lbs go back “OFF”.


That and (here’s the hard part for me), nothing to eat after about 8 at night (not even something “healthy”). Sometimes it’s the little things. Oh…and knitting…knitting’s good! You have to do something else with your hands after 8 :knitting:

11 lbs effecting your health? yeah that’s crap. If the Dr said 100 lbs effecs health then maybe…Unless you have blood pressure that will make you have a stroke or diabetes then weight is just a number. You are as healthy as you feel. And two hours of excercise a day, that’s healthy!! Most Drs recommend only a half an hour a day. I bet you look great. 10 lbs is nothing to worry about. I think if you stress about yer weight then that effects yer blood pressure more. So I would say do what feels good, like the way you look and if anyone says anything about it tell them where they can go! :teehee:

Eleven pounds seems like an odd number. Do you drink sodas? Even diet ones will keep you from losing weight. Maybe you need to substitute some things in your diet–like switch out your grains for whole grains and other low-fat snacks for fruits and veggies. That’s all I can think of since you are already active.

I don’t know about Weight Watchers but NutriSystem, though effective in helping a person lose weight, wouldn’t be, in my opinion, the healthiest choice.

Because their foods are processed they are loaded with sodium. It’s actually quite shocking to see the sodium content in their foods! Too much sodium is believed to raise the risk of high blood pressure in some people, leading to other health problems.

The recommended daily sodium intake is [FONT=Verdana]1000-3000 mg and some NutriSystem foods have as much as over 700 mg per package! For example, their cheese pizza (one meal) has 760 mg of sodium. That’s A LOT for one small pizza!

A great site for nutrition info is: http://www.mypyramid.gov/ and also, Discovery Health’s website: http://health.discovery.com/centers/nutritionfitness/nutrition-fitness.html

Additionally you want to make sure you’re getting enough water in your diet, sometimes that alone can make a huge difference!

oh i didnt take it that way, sorry if it came across like that. i was talking myself into the fact taht 11lb over the recomended weight for my height build etc isnt that bad lol.

not sure i can do ww as i cant get the peopper foods that you need etc as i live in a rural part of france that everything is jarred and tinned unless you grow it yourself. but i htink when i move i will def look into it

thank you though

oh wow i didnt know about the sodiul. think tahts a no no as i hate anything processed etc.i’m ish into healthy food and eating (not to obcession i will have icecream every now and again lol).

i went through my diet with my doc in pretty good detail and other than hilm being typical french that i need meat and fish in my diet (im veggie) he said it was perfect. with the excersise i do he said i should be stick thin lol. no fair lol.

i’ll def have a look at your websites and see if thers anything on tehre, its just a mine field about dieting out there, i dont want to do anything that stupid thinkign its good to start with.

thank you

That and (here’s the hard part for me), nothing to eat after about 8 at night (not even something “healthy”). Sometimes it’s the little things. Oh…and knitting…knitting’s good! You have to do something else with your hands after 8 :knitting:[/quote]

i do eat late, always have done. i usually eat dinner 10pm+. its after ds goes to sleep (hes a bad sleeper and can still be up and playing at midnight and then back up again at 6am).

i like the idea of knitting after 8 hehe, like i dont already hehe. i just knit in the kitchen as im usually on the phone to dp who lives in england right now) so its long phone calls of knitting with smells of bread being baked etc. evil really is hehe.

i will look into NS system and see if thats good for me

thank you

i had a full health check about a month ago (thought i have cervical cancer so do the full monty on me haha). so everything is normal except the 11lb.

i’ve always had what i would see as the perfect figer, flat stomach without being skinny. since ds its getting better but the last of ot i cant shift.

i have 3 horses so excersise is a daily must with absolutly no days off.

the joke is my gp is over weight, far far more than i ever have been lol.

i did feel like saying you can only lecture when you have the right fuger, but didnt think that would go down to well hehe

i dont mind the 11lb, i do mind the fact it all sits on my stomach pretty much. i have a hip injury so cant do ab excersises like i usually would (i love excersise usually). and my gp dosent know what i can do. helpfull i know lol

i dont drink soda’s, well very occasionally i will have a pepsi max and tahts it. i mean i will have 1 glass every week id say thats it. i refuse to cut that out lol

a snack for me is fruit usually, but i dont tend to snack tbh.

the only type of grain i have is in bread, then i have multi grain but the grain is un cooked and i know taht makes a difference.

i think i have an above average haelthy life style tbh. i just donrt know what else to try now.

all meals are 100% home cooked with what ever fresh ingredience i can get hold of (its very seasonal here). i eat very little, compared to the rest of my family.

my dad is rediculas amounts but is stick thin, no fair hey lol

I agree whole heartedly. I’m tired of society and doctors acting like you’re not healthy unless you’re as thin as they think you should be. From your post, it sounds to me like your doing fine.

I have same problem, my doctor said he wants me to lose 10lb by November. I don’t eat junk, my job is 8 hrs of shovelling, mattocking (like pick-axing) and wheelbarrow emptying, and I cycle 3 miles to work and back every day. I don’t add salt to my food, I avoid soft drinks etc. The only thing is I moved back in with my parents a year and a half ago and I have less control over what I eat as a result. I am eating less vegetables and fruit, and the portion sizes are probably too large - but to be honest when I get home from work I eat whatever is set in front of me. Basically my blood pressure is a little high and my BMI is more than is should be - I’ve always been chubby but I put some weight on gradually over the last 5 years and I’ve no idea how as my diet hasn’t changed. I’m the sort of person who panics the minute the blood pressure guage is produced as I worry about it being high, so my pulse starts racing…