Weighing yarn

Maybe others do this but if not I wanted to pass on something that might help with “yarn chicken”.
I am finishing up a throw and was trying to decide if I had enough yarn to do one more 10 row pattern repeat and then the final 5 rows of garter stitch. So I weighed the yarn left and then weighed it again after each row. So it seemed to be consistent weight used per row. So I counted the number of rows remaining to be done to see if I would have enough. It looks like I do with yarn to spare. I’ll keep weighing just to be sure but I’m feeling more confident.


Great idea.

I try to remember to weigh the yarn after a multiple row repeat and see how much yarn one repeat takes. I like your idea. Like I said, I try to remember to do this early on.

I hear you. I wish I had this epiphany at the beginning so I knew how much yarn the 5 rows of just plain garter took, since I think garter takes more yarn than a mix of knit and purl and yo. But I’m sure I’ll use this method in the future.

Yeah I end up weighing yarn like this with most projects. I knit shawls, and at the moment a lot of mosaic shawls, so I weigh before and after a pattern repeat to make sure I can do another set.

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