Weekend trip to LYS :)

I went to the LYS were my bf lives this weekend…DANGEROUS :inlove: The store just changed hands and the new owner was so sweet!!! I was able to direct her to some CW period patterns and got a cone of Green Mt Spinnery Mt Mohair for a shawl (cheaper than the one I was looking at online!!!) and a set of HiyaHiya #11 32" circs. I got my 13 Addi’s there a while back and needed a longer cord so I thought I’d try the HiyaHiya’s. So far I like and they were MUCH cheaper!!!

AND she asked if I could teach a tatting class some time!!! WOOHOO I can spread the tatting bug which I always good…now I have to plan the next visit WAY ahead of time:teehee:

Well done! :cheering: Well done, indeed!

Oooh nice. Good for you!

I’ve wanted to try tatting for years. Watched a little on YouTube, but haven’t invested in books or equipment.

Do you prefer needle or shuttle?

Sounds great! That yarn looks beautiful.

I do both. I tend toward shaking (esp now with the blasted inhalers for my allergies) and so the needle is easier but I learned shuttle first. If you want to learn and there is no one to show you in person the books w/ DVD are the best.

I’m loving the yarn. I made a hat out of a skein a while back and fell in love then so the chance to make this shawl just thrills me!!!:inlove:

What a gorgeous color, I can’t wait to see the shawl in progress. You WILL show us, won’t you?


let me just say I have NOOOO light in the living room!!!