Weekend knits- knockaround pullover

I’m new to this forum and I have a question about the Weekend Knits Knockaround Unisex Pullover.

I have knit the two rectangle pieces for the center body section. And now it is asking me to pick up stitches from the Rev ST st side facing me and one long selvage edge uppermost. Using my left needle it says to insert it from left to right into the left side of the st just inside the first selvedge st and knit the picked up st.

Does this mean I am picking up from the left side and working to the right? It doesn’t seem right to me because after i p/u the 66 sts I am suppose to CO 10 sts (on the St st side) onto the left-hand needle and knit them, pm, p1, knit to last st, p1.

Can anyone help clarify this for me.



From the directions, it does appear that you are picking up the stitches from left to right. Not your usual, but it does seem specific.

Am I understanding this correctly–You cast on 10 more stitches onto the end of the needle that you just picked up the stitches on, correct?

Then do you knit these and the picked up stitches all the way back? That’s what the directions sound like to me, but I don’t have the knitting right in front of me.

yes, after i pick up all the stitches it says to

Row 1: (St st side) CO 10 sts onto left-hand needle and knit them, pm, p1, knit to last st, p1.


Row 2: (Rev St st side) CO 10 sts as before and purl them , M1, pm ssk, purl to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, slip markder, M1, purl to end.

but when I p/u the sts it doesn’t seem possible to CO and knit on the opposite side, wouldn’t the needles be mixed up?

thanks for your reply.


How about you cast them on and then turn your needle to do the next row.

okay, i’ll give it a go.

thanks for your help!