Wedding shower gift...everyone approve?

I have been invited to my dad’s second cousin’s wedding shower. This will be the first time I’m going to something like this, because I’m only 13. But my mom thought it would be great if I could knit something for her, especially since my dad’s great aunt knits and she’s the one hosting to party. So what should I make? I was thinking of making Carpathia from Knitty in maybe a pretty white or something, but I’ve never done gloves before, and I’m not so sure how much use she would get out of them. The shower is April 23 (or around there), so I do have time. But do you guys have any suggestions, or anything you would have liked to receive on your wedding shower that was knitted and you didn’t get? Thanks for your help! :hug:

I don’t know what your skill level is with lace, but I LOVE this: from Knitty. Its on my “to knit someday…when I get good enough” list :slight_smile:

How about a set of dishcloths? These are pretty:
A Little Lace Kitchen Cloth
Lacy Mock Cable Cloth
Snowdrop Lace Cloth

They’d be pretty and practical.

I don’t know if this would be appropriate b/c of your age: but what about a garter or even amy’s garter pattern that will hold everything for her…

also KnitNstyle current issue has a lovely beaded drawstring purse but I think since the beads have to be strung it would be a little more advanced but you could ask your mom/dad for help~
but it is quite pretty…
and yes I :heart: the shrug from knitty too~!

I like the idea of a set of dishcloths. You could use different patterns/techniques for each one, maybe even different colors. Very unique and practical! :thumbsup:

I vote for the cotton dishcloth idea for the shower gift! Maybe you could include some very special liquid dish soap or hand soap for the kitchen sink(lavender, etc). And you could even make larger ones to match to use as dish towels. But a variety of patterns and colors would be wonderful. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t want to receive such items. Anything handmade would be truly treasured.


Oh, and Robinknits, thanks for the links to those three patterns.


I would vote for a small handbag of some sort. I just got the book knitters dozen bags book from the library and it has a cute little lace clutch purse called I Do. A small purse should be a quick knit, maybe something a little lacey? I know when I got married I hated that the only small handbag I could find was a satin sort of purse, not my styly. Anyway, I am sure anything you knit will be great.

I love the dishcloths idea. Knitting Pattern Central also has a link to a pattern for a pot scrubber knitted with net, which would make a good companion to the dishcloths.

Or there’s this free knitpicks pattern for felted oven mitts and pot holders.

Let us know what you decide!

I have decided to do Mon Petit Chou from Knitty. It might take a while, but I think it’ll be worth it. I also have a knitter in the family who is my great aunt (or great great aunt, I’m not sure :teehee: ) and I want to impress her. The person I am knitting for is tiny (at least, that’s what my parents say; I’ve never met her), so my mom thought it would be perfect. What does everyone think?

Wow! I think that is ambitious! :slight_smile: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That would be a nice personalized gift~ although NOONE but her and her hubby may see it~! :oops: :roflhard: :roflhard:

thats so pretty! i would ask someone close to her to get her size for you so you can make sure all your efforts go into something that will fit her. i love the set! :heart:

Wow! Thats awesome! And your olny 13?

You are way more talented than I am! :notworthy:

wow, that would be beautiful!! I wish I could knit stuff like that, I’m still in the scarf stage…well, getting better, but still very new :wink:

Very nice! :cheering:

Prepare for all your cousins, near and far, to inundate you with invitations and announcements. :teehee:

This will actually be my first time at lace :teehee: Wish me luck! My mom and I guessed at the measurments, but I want to make sure it fits, so I think I’m going to ask my mom to call her to make sure. I really hope I don’t mess up and it actually ends up looking like underwear and bra! :rofl: