Wedding ring throw

Does anyone know of a pattern for a throw something like this mini cloth

I have some Lion Thick and Quick in cream I would like to use, any ideas?

All I could find was a dishcloth. I think even if you find one it’ll be made out of a worsted or less weight yarn though.

Could you use the dishcloths as squares and sew together as an afghan?

I’ve quite certain I recently ran across something similar in one of the Leinhauser books from the lib. Here’s one of the books:

They also have a book that has ‘100’ in the title. They do lots of designs that fall under the heading of ‘heirloom’ or similar. Most are quite easy. Check your lib.


Good morning, I have a book at home that is called 100 Squares for knitted afghans or something similar. I will check it out tonight. Dont have a computer at home so can only go on at work!!! That may be the book you are referring to.

Could I use something like this

and figure out where in the center the ring pattern would be?

Sure, why not? You can do anything you want! :thumbsup:

:teehee: Well I know I could but how would it look?

I think it would be pretty. Just make sure they are large enough so they don’t look lost in the middle.

If you crochet, LeisureArts/Herrschner’s has this:


You could print out knitter’s graph paper and then scale the image (4:1, 8:1…or whatever, based on your gauge). Or rather than doing one large image in the middle you could do an image in each corner and then perhaps dupe st the names in the middle? Just a thought.


And here’s a link for knitter’s graph paper. :wink:

Morning, I checked out the book I have and it was 101 crocheted squares and nothing like what you are looking for. Sorry.