Wedding Gown donations and what we do with them

Since this is not knit, I put it in the off topic post. I just wanted to share a few other things our charity does to help bereaved parents.

We take New or Used wedding gowns, prom, bridesmaid or any like material donation. And we turn them info burial garments and other bereavement items. We then send them to hospitals and to charity to give to parents.

I just wanted to share with you all because recycling can help others :yay: .

(my intenetions were not to plead for a donation, but just to share another way we help others)

What a wonderful and caring idea. I had no idea such charities existed. Thank you for sharing, I will call around and see if we have such and organization to donate to locally

wow what a wonderful idea!!

Maniago, I believe that you will not find but one other charity like our own. That offers at least bereavement items that is. We are the first charity of our kind to. There are many other charities that do accept wedding gown donations but do many different things with the gowns.
Some sell them to raise money, some give them to families who cannot afford them. There are many causes. Hope this helps