Wedding dress(photo heavy)

So I had posted a while back about a wedding dress. I have found this one and it is so much better to be for my wedding dress. I am going to have to put a slip under it so its not see through and i dont mind. I am going to try to use this dress pattern as a guide line. I am also wanting to make a train that i can attach and take off if i like.
I am thinking about using a lace weight merino blend

I am going to use different lace patterns. before are the lace patterns i am going to use.i know some of them are about the same ones. but im trying to figure out which ones i like the best. i am thinking about layering different patterns in the skirt or just do circles like on the scarf for the skirt.

I cant figure out what the circle stitch with the line through all the circles are. that are in between the drop stitches.

the first two photos show better detail of the dress and the last two of the skirt.

I am not sure how to make the rippled skirt part .but i am thinking about using one of these.but the skirt is rippled/pleated looking to me.

here is the link for the guide line i am using.