Wedding Bells Dishcloth

I found this page and the 4th pattern down is “Melissa’s Christmas Bell” pattern. Could this be used as “Wedding Bells” or does it look too much like a Christmas bell? Of course no jingle bell would be attached.

If anyone else has a better pattern please pass it along! Thanks!

When I picture “Wedding Bells” I usually think of two bells, kind of attached at the top. Do you know what I mean? Maybe if it was in white instead of the Christmasy green it would look more wedding-ish. What about two rings kind of intersected like wedding bands? Or a little heart on the bell? Or a date of the wedding around the edge? :thinking:

Yes, I was thinking that it needed two bells also but couldn’t find a pattern like that. I do like the two rings idea too but I haven’t been able to find a pattern and I’m not advanced or knowlegable enough to make my own. Do you have any idea’s or suggestions on making my own?


Since there’s no real shaping, and gauge is not a real issue, you could get some knitters graph paper and kind of draw them on. I can’t remember the site off-hand, but just Google printable knitter’s graph paper and it will direct you. Maybe someone else knows of some sites for this.

how about this

I did find that one as well. I do like it but was looking for something a little more wedding related. Thanks though! I may end up using it too.

I just emailed Rhonda at knittingknonsense & asked her if she’s ever done a wedding bells dishcloth. Let’s see what she says. :wink:

He he, I have alreadey e-mailed her and she said she hasn’t come across any but to check a couple of fourm’s out. Thanks!

Maybe you could enlarge one of these and simplify it when you copy onto the graph paper.

Those are great. I will give it a try! Thanks so much!