Wedding afghans

My son was recently engaged and I thought about knitting an afghan or throw for a wedding or shower gift. Any thoughts or words of advise from anyone? Thanks in advance…

I wonder what the technical qualifications are for a wedding afghan?

Does it just need to be white bedspread type of thing?

If so, this crochet bedspread pattern is absolutely beautiful in white:
popcorn bedspread

Or are you looking for more of a textured throw that would look nice in white?

Edit: I found this one and am thinking about making it now Cascading Leaves Throw It’s made in panels which I find is nice for large projects.It’s like a ton of little instant gratifications projects sewn together.

You would have to adjust things a bit but…
I once made a blanket using this chart(scroll down to get the chart) for my brothers wedding. I put a nice crochet edging on it and turned out beautiful.

Here is a post about someone else using the chart for a washcloth. Theres a link in the description for a poem he put with it as well.

hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your response to my wedding afghan/throw question. The ones you suggested are beautiful and I will keep them in mind. Thanks again for your suggestions!

I’ve made afghans for wedding gifts in the past by using size 50 needles and knitting with 4 strands of Lion Brand Homespun yarn together!!!

Take a look on the LB “Pattern Finder” under “Speed Stix” to see some afghans to make using size 50 needles! SUPER FAST!!!