Wedding afghan

so my boyfriends sister just got engaged and i thought it would be cool to knit an afghan as the wedding present. My dilemma is that i find it quite daunting, i have never done an afghan and the thought of it makes me wince. I have been working on a silly ribbed scarf and i am almost done with it, but its been torture, a scarf! any thoughts on it? how do you get through the big long projects?
thanks in advance


oh and feel free to show me any patterns that you really like!

I’m going to be doing the wedding afghan thats on Ravelry for myself and my fiance.

He’s going to be buying my the yarn to do it. I’m quite looking forward to starting it. It’s worked in strips and then sewn together before doing the borders.

have a small project that you can work on when the afghan gets to be too much… a scarf or even a dishcloth that is fun and/or easy to do.I don’t know your knitting exerience but there is a Tree Of Life Pattern on either Lion Brand or Mary Maxim that is a great gift.

I would find a pattern I really like that can be done as squares and do one every week or every other week. if the squares are 12 inches you will be amazed how quick it works up. also if you decide to do something lacy that usually works up quite quick as well as you usually use bigger than usual needles for the yarn type to make the lace stand out. one pattern that I would love to do is the Great American aran Afghan.

There are lots of patterns out there that use larger needles and thicker yarn or double strands of regular yarn. I would definitely start looking at those. Doing squares or strips is another great suggestion. Do you know the date and/or how long you have to complete it?

I was also going to suggest using bigger needles and a super-bulky yarn. It will knit up much faster and you’ll feel you’re accomplishing something.

I would give myself quite a LONG time to do it. I would also double my yarn if I could so I can FINALLY use those size 19 (US) needles I have.