Wedding afghan WIP

thought you might like to see; I am making this as a gift for son & his bride, but they are getting married in march so I need to hurry!.

WOW! very fancy!:thumbsup:

That’s very pretty. What kind of yarn are you using?

the yarn is lion brand pound of love, she cant use wool & this is very soft.

ooh its soo pretty. i can’t wait to see the finished result!

Congratulations on your son’s wedding! The afghan is such a beautiful wedding gift.


What a gorgeous design! What a lucky couple! I agree, can’t wait to see the FO!

How difficult is the “joined ring” design? [SIZE=1](Isn’t there a tradition name for it, I am forgetting?) [SIZE=2]Are they a different color?

i would love to see the whole thing when it is finished please post a phot


yes they are 2 colors white & off white but together it looks yellow, no not hard to do but takes a long time because you do each one & then join them, 1 at a time & then the fill in, it’s not in strips! and I will post pics when done.

That is gorgeous! What pattern is that and where did you find it?

The joined rings themselves aren’t difficult, it’s the lace around them.

the pattern is from the book a year of afghans 1997.

Thats beautiful.
How many motifs will it be when complete? I think motif designs are so pretty, but i absolutely positively hate joining them.

there are 77 main motifs + all the small fill in motifs!.:passedout:

That is so lovely! You are creating an heirloom for your son and daughter-in-law. Truly beautiful.

It looks awesome.:woot: My daughter is getting married in September and I would love to make her one of your lovely wedding ring afghans. Where can I get the pattern? Thanks:hug:

How did this turn out for your son & his fiancee (maybe wife by now?)? Please post a pic for us…

How long have you been working on the afghan. It looks very complicated. You are doing an awesome job. Like the others it would be great to see the finished product.
Congradulations on the wedding!!!:cheering:

Very pretty! Reminds me of Irish lace.

thanks , they are married now ,but because they moved the date up & I bought a farm and am moving I did not get it done yet! but I will post pic’s when it’s done.:aww: