Wedding Afagan WIP

I haven’t been around for awhile, I haven’t been knitting as much in the summer and I’m usually more of a lurker, but I really wanted to share this project. I am making it for my friend who’s getting married and it has to be done by Sept. 1st. It’s just over half done now. The hearts are from a Knitty scarf pattern. I’m not thrilled with the middle braided cable but it’s a little late to change now! I’ll get used to it. The yarn is Caron Pound of Love in Off White. The color looks better in the detail photo. Thanks for looking!

Its lovely… your friend will treasure it!

Great job! Are you not liking the bulkiness of the middle cable? If so, you might try mocking up a small sample of the same to do a test. Try steaming it with a pressing cloth, then flattening with fingers to ‘block’ it, per se. (Yes, acrylic, but I’ve done that with acrylic with success.) If need be, pin the cable wide while it cools. Might help to relax it.


That is beautiful - what a lovely wedding gift. I am sure it will be a family treasure.

It’s beautiful!!! How ingenious of you to use the scarf pattern! :notworthy: My friend is getting married too (well, she’s still waiting for the ring, but it’s coming … eventually :teehee:) and I’ve been thinking of making a wedding afghan for her. I can’t wait to see it finished!!

I love the look of the braid and it seems very symbolic for a newly married couple I like that it is a little bulky too it stands out more.:heart:

Thanks everyone! You are making me feel better about that cable. I was planning to wash it before I gave it to her and try to dry it flat even though I know it won’t really block it since it’s acrylic.

It’s really beautiful. I would have been honored to receive such a thoughtful gift for my wedding.

I think your friend will love it.

WOW! That is AWESOME! It looks like it was alot of work! I’m sure she’ll cherish it for a long time!! TFS