Website to buy lion homespun? (cheap)

I want to make a couple more scarves using Homespun but I missed the sale at Michales last week :frowning: Does anyone know where I can buy it online cheap??

I think carries it, but you have to order $30 worth of stuff and they probably don’t have all the colors.

I’ve been meaning to order from Smiley’s. If you order from them, post some feedback! :wink: Also I wonder if when you place an order for yarn for a sweater, does Smiley’s make sure it’s all the same dye lot for you??? :?? :thinking:

Well - I just got off the phone w/ Smiley’s. She (d@mn, I didn’t get her name)… *sigh. I asked if they double check the dye lots; she said, “Yeah, of course.” :thumbsup:

I’ve bought from Smileys, too, and have never had a problem.

Depending on what colors you want, I’ve got some Homespun that I’m looking to get rid of…I just haven’t been able to get the hang of working with it…I’d be willing to swap with you or heck just even give it to you! I’ve got a soft blue-gray and a cream, almost white, about 2 skeins of each (maybe more).

Wow thanks Fibergirl, pm the names of colors that you have :smiley:

I checked with smileys but they don’t have any of the colors I’m looking for. But I did find great prices on Patons Divine yarn which I’ll order at some point.

Thanks guys :thumbsup:

you could also try here.

I just got a coupon from Hancock Fabrics for 20% off Lion Brand…the discount code is good until Oct. 1 PLBYEC I’m not sure how their prices compare to others for Lion Brand.