Not sure when they changed their site, but I must say, I :heart: it! I used to read about people buying stuff from them, and I was always wondering how in the world they could stand navigating their site. It was soooo painful! But now it’s great! I’m picking out so much stuff!!

I’ve never been to webs. Link please. Must find new places to shop for yarn (cheesiesmom panting heavily…) :lol:

You can link to it from this site, it’s usually one of the banners, that way Amy gets credit! :smiley:

WEBS link

I tried finding the ad yesterday and couldn’t. :frowning:

I checked it out yesterday and loved the change myself. :heart: I’ve never ordered from there before because I couldn’t ever find anything. I really do like what they’ve done. :slight_smile:

I love it too…I was sooooo happy to see that they added thumbnails to the yarn listings. Cuts down on a lot of unneccessary clicking!! :smiley:

Wow, what a difference! I can actually navigate the site now! :heart:

I just got my first order from WEBS. I ordered 5 skeins of Malabrigo merino in the Stonechat colorway. When I placed my order last week, they sent an email telling me it was on backorder and they wouldn’t be able to ship it out for a while. Then I got an email Monday stating that they’d shipped my order. It just got here a few minutes ago. Only two days to ship! WEBS is great! :heart: I wish every place shipped so fast.

They changed the site last week - right as someone’s yarn arrived for one of the free patterns =P

I like the site - not sure I browsed much of the old site but do wish they would put the free patterns back =D

I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this link. I’m in trouble now :rollseyes:

Their site is so much better now! Bad news, for sure.

:rollseyes: Yup, bad news it is much nicer now! To bad I just went shopping but I do hear more of that MMmmmmmalabirgo calling my name!

I’m so glad they tell you know if a yarn is out of stock. I quit ordering from them because I always had so much trouble with this and it was really frustrating.

gah last night I looked at closeouts and wanted a specific colour of a yarn. This morning it was all gone! Well one ball was left lol

I should have clicked last night!