WEBS Yarns?

Hello! I’ve bought the pattern for this (It’s the neck-down cardigan #241). I’m thinking of using Valley Yarns Longmeadow (60% cotton, 40% microfiber), but I’m wondering if anyone on the forum has used it and what you thought of it?

The WEBS catalog reccommends Colrain (50% merino, 50% tencel), but I thought Longmeadow would make a lighter, more summery cardigan.

The pattern calls for light-worsted or dk-weight yarn, btw.


I haven’t used that particular yarn, but I have used other Webs yarns and have been very pleased with them.

I ordered some coned Valley lace yarns from them a couple of years ago that were just awful despite one being a wool/alpaca blend and the other was wool/cashmere. I do think that they have improved the line since then. However, my understanding is that they will send samples if you ask, so I would go ahead and ask for the samples before making your decision.

Hmm…I didn’t think about asking for samples. I think I’ll try that.

Call me the queen of overanalysis, but I calculated that their cotton/acrylic blend was cheaper by the yard (by about .$002) than Knitpicks shine…although that’s not my only consideration. The colors look very nice, too.

I think you are right to ask for a sample. Valley Yarns is their inhouse brand and they really push them. They feel a bit rough on the skein so I haven’t been brave enough to buy them yet. Plus, their prices on big name brands are so great that I usually just spring a few extra bucks for Cascade or Noro or other.

If you like the sample, let us know. I think we can all agree we love to learn about a good value :slight_smile:

Ok, I took another gander at the WEBS website and it costs $25 for the sample book. I hate to be overly cheap, but for $25 I could get almost all of the yarn I need for my cardigan. I may just take the plunge and buy the yarn sans sample.

Either way, I’ll post my thoughs once I receive them.

Yikes! I wouldn’t go for the $25 either.

You might want to call them. I know of people who have gotten a color/sample card for just one yarn and it wasn’t that expensive.

I’ve used several of the Valley Yarns and like them alot.