WEBS Tent Sale

Just got back from a visit with my DD and the grandkids.
To my surprise, when we checked on what was going on in Northampton that weekend we discovered it was WEBS annual huge tent sale. Needless to say I went crazy. I could have stayed all day, but my DD and 2 toddler grandchildren were there as well.
I did manage to snag enough time to get yarn for 4 sweaters and a hat for my DGD. It was probably a good thing that they were there as I would have spent WAAAY to much on yarn had I been on my own.
They also had vendors outside selling mostly wool to spin and a few with hand spun yarn. As a person who doesn’t spin I didn’t even make it over to that area.
I’m already planning on going again next year. I guess they have people come from all over the region to the sale.

Wow, that’s awesome! :yay:

Oh, good to know about for next year. Lucky you to happen by for the sale. Sounds like great fun.

That really is a big event. I was tempted to go (I live about an hour and a half from there). I really have a lot already though and couldn’t spare the time anyway. Maybe next year we can have a little get together. Maybe even tailgate!:slight_smile: