Webs sale!

If anyone is interested, Webs are having summer sale and they have Elsebeth Lavold yarn at 50% off. I’m on a yarn diet, but i’m enabling:yay:

You guys are EVIL! I keep finding all these wonderful yarns I want to buy but have NO idea what I would make with them. Y’all are NOT on my DH list of favorite people right now. :rofl:

Seriously, THANK YOU for letting me know about these really good sales on yarn. It helps to feed my habit a LITTLE less expensively.

While I thank you, my bank account does not. :wink:

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is Webs? I went to webs.com and no yarn there ! :hiding::eyes:

The webs address is yarn dot com

And its in Massachusetts. And I’m in Massachusetts!!! OMYGODDES!!!

you on vacation there? yay for vacations! :heart::cheering:

where are they in mass? i used to live there. and my sister lives there. do theyhave a store?

I’m a bit bummed about the timing of the sale. My mom is visiting from Washington state at the beginning of Sept, and we are DEFINITELY going to Webs. Unfortunately, the sale will already be over by then :frowning: Oh well, their discount program is awesome.

I think they supposed to have a huge store, you can check the address at their site :http://yarn.com/ HTH

Oh wow its a 1hr 50 minutes from taunton where she lives. but on the positive side, its on the way to my mothers house.

I’m going there for thanksgiving then going to my mothers house for my other sisters wedding over the weekend. now i get a nice stopover. :cheering::cheering: