WEBS question

I just ordered some things from WEBS. I notice that it doesn’t look like I can track the order on line. About how long does it take for their things to arrive? I am on the West coast.

I (west coast also - south SF bay area) got my order in 2 days. it shipped USPS Priority.

but my order was small (3 skeins of Karaoke), therefore it was light. I think above a certain weight they use UPS. for UPS orders, I don’t know approx shipping time. sorry.

I am on the west coast also. I have had it take 3 days, and I have had it take 2 and a half weeks from the time of placing the order! That second one was around the holidays, tho.

I don’t know of a way you can track their packages online, they don’t give you a tracking number.

Newamy, I am in Oregon too. I ordered from them on a Friday and got it the following Monday! I just ordered two hanks of mmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo.

I found their shipping to be really fast. Just a couple of days to the Great Lakes area. HOWEVER, the major problem with WEBS is that they have so darn many gorgeous yarns, I want to overspend and max the ole credit card. Restraint, restraint, restraint.


I once waited an entire month for my order to arrive. I’m in California although I doubt that was much of a factor. They also only sent half my order, telling me that the other yarn was sold out and wouldn’t be restocked which was a problem because I needed it all for the same project.

Of course, I ordered during one of their big sales. I learned the hard way that you can’t expect to get everything you order during sales even if it looks like there is plenty of yarn in the inventory. One of the owners admitted on Knitters Review that they let the internet orders pile up for a few days before filling them. In the meantime someone may have come into the brick & mortar store and bought the yarn you thought you were getting.

Kind of OT, but have any of you ever been to the WEBS store? (It’s in Northhampton, Mass.) Best store ever!!! Me, my mom and my aunt went to the annual end of the year sale, and it was amazing! They have amazing sales, and open up their huge back storage room to look through. You can buy really cheap (but really nice) yarn by the bag. It was awesome!

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Yeah, WEBS is my LYS, and I have a girlfriend who works there. Not overspending, and not having a yarngasm every time i go, is really tough.

How do you guys get your stuff so fast. I am in Ohio and I never get my stuff that fast. I ordered two skeins on Monday and am still waiting! I want to swatch!


I placed my order Wednesday and got an e-mail Friday that they were sending it. So I hope to see it this next week.

Webs is awesome! They had a booth at Stitches West and there was so much to choose from. Luckily, they had exactly what I was looking for so Ms. Indecisive did not get a chance to rear her ugly head.

anyone got a link to this mecca this is WEBS ??:slight_smile:

Here’s the link:


Sometimes you’ll see their ads at the top of the page here. I think I remember hearing somewhere that Amy gets a small bonus if we link through that. :shrug:

I finally emailed Webs to see if my order had shipped and when. I ordered last Monday and they did not ship it until Saturday! It took them 5 days to process an order. Ugh. That is annoying.


I would recommend complaining to them. I couldn’t believe it when the owner admitted that they let internet orders pile up for a few days before they process them. If I lived nearby I would certainly shop there but I don’t order from them anymore.

thanks for the linke grin

My order arrived in the mail today. :cheering:
It was all there and perfect. So it took a total of 5 days for it to arrive! This was my first time ordering with them and obviously I did not have any difficulties.