Webs has a Noro sale to die for

Webs is offering some discontinued colors of Silk Garden on salefor $6.79 per skein, and they are normally priced at $11.95.

I snagged color 269, my fav!

is that site legit?

WEBS is a very “legit” site, I buy most of my yarn from there, now that my two LYS’s have closed down.

:wink: Yup! And besides being a very good online shop, WEBS has a ‘brick and mortar’ also! You can walk in. I think it is located close to where Amy and Sheldon live. (they are our Knitting Help website owners)

When the KH moderators were at their house for a meetup a few years ago, I think some of the mods paid WEBS a visit!

Plus, when your yarn purchase reaches $60 you get a 20% discount off the total;
$120 purchase gets a 25% discount.

The color 269 Noro Silk Garden I bought yesterday wasn’t discountable in the normal 20-25% way, cuz it’s already deeply discounted. The 20-25% discount is for yarn only, not such things as books or needles. Just yarn. But because of that, WEBS (www.yarn.com) is the first place I look for new yarn.
I give them 98% of my business. Just cannot resist those 20-25% discounts!

The shipping I would pay to get it to Canada would probably negate the benefit of the discounts (I hate paying shipping.) I could theoretically ship to BFs house in Denver but…for right now, I think I prefer going to LYS and physically seeing the yarns before I choose one, since I’m still a n00b.

Yes, WEBS/yarn.com is our local yarn shop. Lucky us! :mrgreen: It’s pretty fantastic. They are the largest yarn store in the US, with a large retail display area up front and a HUGE warehouse in the back where you can buy sealed lots.

It’s true! You can’t visit KH HQ without a visit to WEBS. :happydance:

yup! legit indeed. buy nearly everything from them, and have been for couple years now.

Thanks, ArtLady, for the heads up!! I like the plain best, too. Such a great fiber!

They have some really nice silk blends. And at 20 to 25% off I can justify ordering some!