Weaving yarn, unused, throughout knitting

Hi everyone, hope y’all are doing well. I’m having a hard time finding the solution to a technique. On some knitting show, the knitter took a second yarn and simply carried it throughout the project…I mean she simply added it in for a neat effect, not fair isle or anything. Does anyone know how to do this? It’s like she simply wove that yarn through the piece without doing anything else to it. Thanks for any help you can give me :slight_smile:

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Hmm! Interesting!

Carried it as she was working on the piece or she came back and added it after the knitting was done?

These videos may help

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Was it a skinny second yarn that was worked as a double strand with the main color? I’m trying to find an example, I know I’ve seen it before.

Could she be be describing (floating)?

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Maybe. It’s like she just wove this one yarn throughout the whole swatch. (I’m not sure if woven is the right word.) She didn’t do anything with that yarn at all, just kind of carried it throughout the piece. I would love to know how she did this. If it was called floating, then how do you do that? Any help would be so appreciated!

I have become even more confused as to the purpose of the second strand of yarn

Here’s a video for catching floats on the right side of knitting. The yarn is usually used on the row, as shown.

You may not have to carry floats on the wrong side but if you did, the floats would be facing you.

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What did the live stitches look like, did the live stitches alternate every other color?

Me to, I am wondering if every other stich on the needle is one color and the rest are the secondary color. Like this: #1 picture is the front and #2 is the back

This almost sounds like a lifeline

That was actually my thought cause i use them frequently when i am working on an outfit that has a pattern, it is easier to frog if you make a mistake

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Me to, I hate frogging! The lifeline is the only thing that makes sense because I can’t figure out how you could carry the yarn and do nothing with it. What would be the purpose in that.

Yes, the yarns were two different colors. I’m gonna look through those videos you sent cause they seem like what I’m looking for. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Oh and she held both yarns in one hand. I’ve never done fair isle before but this may be the same technique, as far as carrying the yarn goes. I’ll look through the videos y’all sent. I appreciate it cause this is driving me bananas :slight_smile:

Your welcome, you will have to let us know if it’s what your looking for and share your work with us :grinning:

Sounds good, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

I think you are describing Roositud. It’s an Estonian technique of inlaying the design with yarn, rather than knitting the design.

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I’ve never seen this technique. Thanks so much for posting.