Weaving the yarn through the scarf

After you bind off and weave the yarn through the scarf how do i keep the yarn from raveling back out? I weave it almost across the scarf. For some reason the darn yarn manages to come out.

Another question is. What do you do to hide the end of the yarn so it doesnt stick out on the scarf? I cut the end as close to the scarf as i can without cutting into the scarf itself. Thanks.

I usually weave a few inches then back again in the opposite direction, making sure I weave the yarn back through itself. It seems the fibers grip that way and are less likely to work loose.


Thank you for replying to my post. I appreciate it. :cheering:

Here’s an article from Knitty with some good illustrations too.

Jive, Thank you. Interesting idea and one i will try. :thumbsup:

When I weave stitches through, I do it by the seat of my pants… I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid much attention to all the great instructions I’ve read on how to do it :slight_smile:

The one key that seems to work for me is to weave the ends through, then tug the fabric in all directions. What happens is that when I tug, the amount of stretch the fabric may encounter is taken into account and the woven end will loosen up some. Then I snip.

This doesn’t make sense to me reading back so let me describe it another way;

After weaving the end through, snip the end as close to the fabric as you can without cutting anything but the loose end. Then stretch the fabric in all directions. What you will probably see is that that snipped end will get un woven for at least the last stitch it was woven through, because the fabric has more give to it than the single strand of yarn. The end you so neatly snipped close to the fabric will probably now be poking out. Snip again, close as you can, and give a stretch. It will probably remain hidden this time.

Yellowness, Great idea. Thank you :thumbsup:

I do this too but to be honest, the reason I am replying is that I LOVE your signature and just had to tell you!