Weaving Question from a Noob

I am working on a hat pattern that at the end of the project, it says to cut a long tail and weave the tail into the stitches, but it does not instruct me to bind off. Is “weaving” to be used interchangeably with binding off? I’m unsure as I’ve heard weaving is also referred to as the kitchener’s stitch? I am working the hat in the round if this makes a difference. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

BO and weaving are not the same.

BO is how you finish the project and get it off your needles.

Weaving is how you hide all those loose ends (start of project, end of project, changing colors/skeins in the middle of the project).

In this case, you may not have had to BO as often when you work a hat in the round you decrease the number of sts, then cut the yarn and run the yarn through all the loops, cinching the top of the hat closed. From there you would then weave in the left over end of yarn.

It may say to thread the tail through the live sts, that’s a common way to end a hat. Pull the tail through the sts like a drawstring, then weave the end in to secure it.