Weaving or tying?

Hello all. I’m knitting a sheath dress pictures in this month’s Vogue Knitting in Cascade Fixation. The yarn is very elasticy. I knit with the main color then color B, main color, color C, main color, Color D. through the whole dress. It ends up looking almost like a tweed material. I can carry the main color through all the rows, because it’s just two rows of each other color before back to the main color, but I can’t carry the B, C, and d colors because it’s 10 rows and it puckers a little. So I’m having to cut yarn all the way up the dress on the front and the back. My question is after I seam the edges, would it be okay just to tie the yarns two at a time and clip them short? The seam would stop any knot from popping through I would think. There is so much “fringe” on the side that I’m wondering how all the weaving of the ends would look and with so many of them would that come unraveled? Opinions?

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Some people insist that no knotting should ever be done, but I’m one that will knot with impunity if the pattern will allow it. If you don’t think they’ll get in the way or come undone, then my OPINION is to go for it.

Thanks so much Ingrid. You know, I’m kind of that opinion, too. This yarn stays put when it is knit because it’s so elastic. I think it’s the yarn that would be used for a bathing suit. I’m going to experiment after I seam it. I value your opinion because you’re such an experienced knitter!


PLEASE post pics when youre done. i fell in love with that dress and hope to make it when i finish my current projects. im dying to see how yours turns out (sorry i didnt actually give you advice)

Hope it’s OK to butt in here. I am making Soleil with KP Shine. It’s so slippery I worried about it not staying knotted or woven in. What do you suggest I do?

Here is a good article on weaving in ends. They should stay put–just don’t cut them too short. Also, since it’s all one color, you shouldn’t have too many ends.

Check out Amy’s video on joining a new ball of yarn here. It secures the new ball well and you have less weaving in to do later.

yes volmel, please do post pics. i can’t wait to see it given life!

Ooooh, I drooled on that pattern the other day and can’t wait to see how it knits up! :inlove: :inlove:

I will post a picture. It’s looking just beautiful, if I do say so myself. I’m planning on wearing it for my son’s rehearsal dinner, with a string of pearls, pearl earrings and tan sandal heels. I’ve lost 15 pounds on weight watchers because I want to be really slim wearing this dress. Hope I can do it justice.


Thanks Ingrid! I bookmarked that page. The reason I have so many ends is that I’m knitting it in the round so there isn’t any selvedge to begin and end each skein.