Weaving in the ends

Is there some beautiful way to weave in all those loose ends I get when I change colors. I can get those pesky ends in there but they certainly won’t win any beauty (or scholarship) contests. Any ideas?

Efficient, yes. Secure? Yes. Beautiful–if you find a way, let me know. When I have made scarves with any kind of color work on it I make it in the round, just because of the messy back. If they’re on the inside of a sweater? I’m the only one who sees it, so it doesn’t matter much.

What are you trying to beautify?

ok if I can’t go for beauty (christmas gift) i’ll go for secure,etc. I read your recommendations on making edges look nice and tried it. looked nice so I figure you are the go to girl for knitting help. Will take any and all suggestions.

Ingrid, did you knit the alpalca scrunchable scarf? I think I remember you saying you added white to spice it up a bit…but it didnt seem like you knitted it in the round…or was that just one exception?

I added white, but it was just basically adding stripes. I only had ends on a few edges–those I could weave in down through the side so they were hidden. I do scarves with intarsia or fairisle in the round to avoid the back. When you knit stripes, it’s not a big issue.

When she said all those loose ends, I though she meant something other than stripes. :thinking: Maybe I was wrong.

oh ok. You know, I just started with a fair isle scarf, but i think I’m going to frog it and start it over and knit in the round. Thanks!

I don’t know if she’s talking about stripes or not either.

I hate weaving in ends, too. I am making a totebag that has stripes and since it is with WOTA I felted the joins so there weren’t any ends. I ended up with quite a few with the seaming though. :rollseyes:

Yes, some stripes, but even the same color tails. Mine look pretty not nice.

Sorry it has taken so long to get back. One of those weeks.

Thanks for the suggestions above.